Friday, October 26

Wedding Pictures!

Okay, so I mentioned this in my last post, but our photographer gave us over 900 wonderful pictures to choose from! Trust me, they're gorgeous. Since I can't post all of them on here, I picked through and selected a few key moments during the wedding. I hope you enjoy!

 Our programs

The church 
 The windows in the church
 Our photographer actually didn't take this picture, but I love our little huddle before we went up, so I had to post it.
 My dad and I walking in!
 The boys. I love this picture because my husband's younger brother, and best man, looks at him as I'm walking down the aisle. So sweet!
 All of us up there!

 Our identical twin flower girls during the ceremony! 
They had just turned three, but they did such a good job!

Our kiss!

 The wedding party!
 Me and my girls!
 My husband and his boys!
 Our flower girls and their brother, who was our ring bearer.

 Our rings with our wedding favours. 
We gave away Canadian chocolates in these adorable boxes shown below.

 Our wedding cake! It was DELICIOUS!

Bird seed being thrown at us as we left our reception!

So there you have it! A little snapshot of our wedding =)

Photos taken by Laura from Laura's Focus Photography


  1. You look beautiful, and your wedding was clearly an elegant affair! The photos are gor.geous.

  2. You look beautiful, and your wedding was clearly an elegant affair! The photos are gor.geous.

  3. Everything looks lovely, Nat. I'm so happy your special day turned out so well. =o)

  4. Beth- Thank you so much, dahling! We had a wonderful time!

  5. Congratulations! Looks like it was a beautiful ceremony!

  6. You put together one lovely wedding, Nat! Everything -- from the church to the bridal dresses -- is beautiful. Congrats!

  7. Jen- Thanks, hun! It took a lot of planning to get everything to come together that way, LOL!

  8. 900 pictures? That is a lot! But I guess you don’t mind the quantity when you are looking at fabulous photos and happy moments. I like the photo of your wedding rings the most. The concept is quite creative and mouthwatering. The photo speaks of sweetness, like your marriage.[Jessie Severt]

  9. Jessie- Yep, it is! She took a lot more than that, but those were just the ones that turned out =) Aww, thank you! My husband and I love that picture too.


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