Monday, November 5

My Office

So now that my townhouse is set up, I thought I would post pictures of my office space! My desk was a university graduation present from my husband--I love it! I also posted a picture of our spare room. We couldn't fit all of my books in the same room, so I had to put a bookshelf upstairs!

 I had to stand on a chair to get all of the books in the picture!


  1. What a lovely home. That desk is awesome. And all those books. Yay! =o)

  2. Beth- Thank you! Haha yep. I had to get rid of a few hundred when I moved (it was a good time to purge and get rid of books I wouldn't read again), but I still kept over 700, LOL!

  3. Love your desk and bookcase full o' books!!!!

  4. Jen- Thank you! I love my desk, too. It is such a peaceful area. I can sit there and look out to our back patio area =)


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