Monday, November 12

My Weekend

This weekend my husband and I decided to have an impromptu date night. We went to Abuelos for dinner, and then we went and saw WRECK-IT RALPH. The movie was adorable. A fan of arcade games (like my husband) would love all of the detail they included. For me, I loved the plot and the characters. There were several instances where I almost cried, but overall the movie was upbeat and light-hearted. Once again, Pixar/Disney has made a film where you really cheer on the characters. You want Ralph to be a hero, and you want Vanellope to race. I highly recommend this movie.

The rest of our weekend was spent sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. We did run a few errands, and the DH had a meeting on Sunday afternoon, but other than that... nothin'.

So what did you guys do this weekend?


  1. I saw Wreck-It Ralph, too!! Absolutely adored it.

  2. KT- I thought it was a wonderful movie =)

    Beth- *hugs*

  3. I've heard good things about this movie. Glad you and the hubby enjoyed it. I saw SKYFALL this weekend. It was fantastic!

  4. Jen- The reviewers don't seem to like Wreck-It Ralph, but everyone else seems to love it, LOL! I've heard that SKYFALL was good. We thought about going to see it, but we needed to see something cheerful and funny =)


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