Wednesday, November 14

WIP Wednesday

Well, would you look at that! I'm actually posting regularly! Let's hope it continues... *knocks on wood*

Anyway, I haven't gotten much writing done recently. I did, however, manage to plot out all of chapter seven and eight last night. It was like the old days. I loved it. I have pages and pages of notes, and I'm once again excited to tackle my story.

As well, my Alpha read all of AHR the other day and really liked it. She pointed out a few spots that I already knew were trouble, but it was nice to have confirmation. None of the problems are big, and they'll be easy to fix when I do edits. Other than that, everything went smoothly. =)

I also finished all of my articles for the Celtic Hearts newsletter. I'm just waiting to hear back on a few things, then I'll be ready to submit them to Kimmy, who puts the newsletter together for us.

So what have you guys been up to? Any progress on your stories??  Are any of you planning on entering the Golden Heart this year?


  1. Congratulations on the plotting and Yay for your reader really liking AHR. Despite the not much writing, you're cranking right along. Go you!

    I spent a large portion of yesterday getting a care package together for my nephew-in-law who's in the Navy. Now I have to fill out the forms and get the sucker mailed. No progress on anything writerly to report though. I'm a slug. Today. Today I will work.

  2. Beth- Thanks hun! I'm trying, lol.

    Lol that's right. Get your butt in that chair and work! *cracks the whip* =P

  3. Glad you're back to posting regularly. I love reading your blog posts. =)

    Plotting + pages of notes = a good thing. Your excitement to tackle your story makes me excited to write. So far, so good for me. I'm making progress on my novella and enjoying the process.

    P. S. I'm looking forward to reading your articles for the Celtic Hearts newsletter!

  4. Jen- Aww, thanks hun! Good! Are you close to querying any of your stories??

    Haha, thanks! I hope they're okay lol.


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