Monday, December 31

2013 Goals

Hello everyone!

Since I posted my 2012 goals yesterday, I thought I would end the year with my goals for the new year =)


--Write 500 words a day, or 3500 words a week

--Finish A Highlander’s Ransom

--Write a synopsis and query A Highlander's Ransom

---Write and finish another novel (Struck, or something else of similar length)

--Write a query letter and synopsis for other novel, and query story

--Buy domain name and create a website

--Order new business cards

--Join Hearts Through History RWA Chapter

--Renew RWA, RT, and Celtic Hearts (this might seem strange to put on my list, but RWA is an expensive investment, so it is a goal to be able to renew my memberships)

--Look at seriously attending the RWA National Conference in Atlanta this summer

--Read at least 50 books this year (this is seriously down from the past two years, but I need to be realistic about my free time)

--Continue working on the Celtic Hearts Newsletter Committee

--Be a judge for the Golden Claddagh contest


--Continue to keep up on birthdays—send out cards etc…

--Work on resume & find a job (once I can legally work)

--Continue to work towards my Green Card

--Go through the whole house and donate a bunch of clothes and other items

--Train Powell, whether through an obedience class or on our own

So there you have it! Those are my new goals for 2013! I tried to be a bit more realistic this year and focused instead on writing goals. I hope that means I'll accomplish more of them, but we'll see =)


  1. Great list, Natalie - do you post this somewhere visable to you throughout the year? I like how you really focused this year on your writing - I'll be cheering you on from over here in my corner of the world!!!

    Happy New Year :)

  2. I think those are pretty realistic goals, Nat. And now that college and the big wedding stuff are behind you, you'll be able to focus more on your writing. I wish there was some way I could help with the green card process. They'd be stupid not to give a productive, hard-working person like you every opportunity to contribute to this country. (Of course, it's up to the government, and stupid is kinda their thing these days.) Good luck with all your goals.

    And Happy New Year! =o)

  3. Janet- Thanks! Well, I keep the list on my computer and I check on it every couple of weeks. I was also thinking of being a nerd and printing them up on pretty paper (with pretty font) and hanging them on the wall right in front of my face when I sit at my desk. I still haven't decided.

    Yeah, last year my writing took a backseat to everything else going on in my life, so I figured I would try and focus more on writing this year =)

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  4. Beth- Thanks! I think they're pretty realistic. I don't know if I will accomplish all of them, but hey, I gotta try, right?

    Well, I've already been approved for a Green Card--that was part of the Fiance Visa process. The government is just dragging their heels on actually handing me the card *roll eyes* They said it could be anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. We are now at 4 1/2 months. And thank you for the compliments, m'dear! xoxo

    Happy New Year! I hope you and your family have a wonderful time =)


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