Monday, December 10

A Good Weekend & An Early Birthday Present!

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I had a holiday banquet on Saturday for The Order of the Arrow (Scouting stuff), and then on Sunday we went to Red Lobster for lunch with his mother. Oh, and on Saturday we took Powell out for his first walk on the leash. He was such a good boy! He stayed between us the whole time--he didn't tug on the leash or fight us at all! We were shocked, but pleased. All in all, it was a pretty relaxing weekend.

In other news, I received an early birthday present last week. My netbook, Pinky (so named because it is pink and because I adored Pinky & the Brain as a child...), has become so slow that I dread using it--not a good thing for a writer. Well, my husband decided to buy me a new laptop for my birthday (I turn 23 on December 21st)! It's much bigger and has a lot more storage, which I love. The computer can actually keep up with me when I type... Go figure! I'd post a picture of it but it's just a boring black HP laptop--nothing new there. Anyway, I forgot how much I love having a computer that can store all of my files and keep up with me. I had originally bought Pinky to use when I was in university, because lugging around a big laptop from class to class wasn't an option with my crappy arms, but lord how I missed the speed of a normal laptop. And in the two and a half years since I bought Pinky, the laptops have gotten even faster! Ahh, this writer is in laptop heaven right now ;)

So what did you guys do this weekend? Have you bought a new laptop recently? What type of computer do you use--are you a PC or a Mac person? Personally, I love my iPod, but for computers I'm PC and for my phone I'm Android.


  1. Nice early birthday present, Natalie :) I'm just a couple of months into my new computer (we use laptops in this house now that The Husband's desk PC crashed right before I left for holidays). Due to his work stuff, he took my laptop and I got a new one. Love it!

    And I'm impressed with Powell - going for a walk is a big deal for puppies. Sounds like you have a good dog there.

  2. Yay for Powell the Wonder-pup! My last puppy liked to take me for a drag (but he was part Malamute, so I kind of expected it). And Yay for the new 'puter. We got a new laptop for the Hubs earlier this year and he loves it. I did a lot of research and went with a Toshiba. It's got a big screen and it's own number pad just like a regular keyboard.

    Happy early Birthday! Ah, to be 23 again... but then again, 23 was the year I had my daughter and my accident, so I really don't want to go through that again. ;o) Have a great year, Nat. You deserve it.

  3. Happy Early Birthday! Nice gift from the hubby!!!

    I got a new Dell laptop when my old HP one started acting up. I love it.

    Powell is such a good puppy!

  4. Janet- I've always preferred laptops, I guess because I can bring it wherever I want.

    Yes, he's a good pup. We're still struggling with peeing in the house, but other than that he's doing very well =)

  5. B.E.- Omg, a Malamute? That is a BIG dog, LOL! Yeah, I've always gone with HP, but I don't use my laptop for very complicated things. Writing, surfing the web... that's really about it.

    Thanks hun! Yeah, hopefully my 23rd year isn't like yours =/

  6. Jen- Aww thanks hun! =) Yeah, unfortunately laptops don't have a long lifespan. Drives me crazy.

    Hehe, thanks. We think he's a pretty good puppy ;)

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