Monday, December 17

The Next Big Thing!

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We did some last minute Christmas shopping and then spent the rest of the time with Powell and my husband's family.  It was a nice weekend.

For today's post I am going to do this meme I've been tagged in by two of my best writer friends, B.E. Sanderson and Diana Paz. I hope you enjoy!

1. What is your working title of your book? 
    A Highlander's Ransom.

2. Where did the idea come from for the book?
   Honestly, my story ideas come out of nowhere. Something might inspire me (a movie, a song, a book etc...) but the actual story just appears in my head. I also tend to "dream up" my stories and my characters while resting or sleeping. After that it feels like they've always been with me =)

3. What genre does your book fall under?
It is set in the Highlands of Scotland in 1490, so it is classified as a historical romance.

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
I don't tend to base my characters off of an actor, but I'll often find physical aspects of an actor or model that  reminds me of my characters. Here are a few of them:

Lachlan Cameron (the hero): Jason Mamoa
Meara Mackintosh (the heroine): Judith Bedard (a model)
Devlin Cameron (hero's younger brother): Henry Cavill
Gregor Cameron (hero's older brother): Gerard Butler

5. What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?
Unfortunately I haven't created a one line sentence of my book yet (I know, bad me), but if you check out my writing page you can see my little "back cover blurb." It will probably change by the time I'm done writing the story... but it might not. Who knows!

6. Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I'm hoping to go the agency route and then a traditional publisher. I don't have an agent yet, but hopefully in the next year?! ;)

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I'm currently sitting at just under 30K for this book, so I can't answer this question just yet ;) One book took me six months during university, but I've been writing this one for a long time. I've been a bit busy, heheh.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
Anything by Monica McCarty or the Knight series by Gaelen Foley.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?
As I said earlier, my inspiration and ideas come from music, movies, and other books. I also get inspiration from the weather (especially rainy, grey days) and the green rolling hills of Virginia (it's the closest I've ever come to Ireland and Scotland). Lastly, I gain inspiration from my parents, who have always encouraged me, and my husband, who has never wavered in his support. Love you guys! xoxo

10. What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?
I write hot medieval romance with a strong Alpha hero and a witty, firecracker heroine. I adore history and I strive to include that in my novel in an accessible way to readers. =)

11. Post a snippet from your book:

Oops, I forgot to include this earlier, but here it is now. This is from the very beginning of A Highlander's Ransom. It is still in its rough form, so no cruel comments please. Copyright 2012.

Near Beauly Priory, Inverness-shire, 1490

It was almost time.
Lachlan Cameron shifted in his saddle and peered through the dense forest, his eyes and ears straining for a sign of their enemy. By his reckoning it was nearly evening, though ’twas hard to say for sure. With the fury of Cailleach lashing them with an unholy mixture of rain and sleet, the sky was as black as an Englishman’s heart. Even with his considerable training he could barely make out the road in front of him.
“No wonder Mackintosh is such a cold-hearted bastard,” Bowen, his second-in-command, growled beside him. “Anyone would be with this sort of weather crawling up yer arse day in and day out.”
Lachlan agreed. Even for the Highlands the weather was foul. It had rained for nigh on three days now, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Though his men cursed the wretched skies, he couldn’t have asked for better cover. They’d be as close to invisible as men could be; wraiths in an otherworldly storm. In a land rife with superstition, it could only work to their advantage.
So far everything had gone according to plan. The place he’d chosen for their ambush was perfect. The forest here was thick, leaving their enemy little room to flee. With his men on either side of the road, there’d be no choice but to stay and fight—something the Mackintosh knew little about. They were a cowardly lot, more prone to raiding small villages than participating in real warfare.
His hands tightened to fists around the reins. Their enemy’s tactics may be spineless, but their results were devastating. If he and his men didn’t put a stop to the attacks on the villages soon, winter was going to be a long, painful ordeal. ’Twas the reason he was here. When his brother Gregor, Chief of the Camerons, had asked him to head this mission, he’d agreed without a second thought. After all, Cameron warriors were known throughout the Highlands as being fiercer than fierceness itself—a justly earned reputation and one he’d strived to perfect. They did not back down from a fight, especially one involving the Mackintosh.
But an ambush, no matter how well planned, had inherent dangers involved. While he thrived on taking chances, the nature of their task was too delicate to risk it. There was too much riding on this to let it fall to chance. Not only did they have the opportunity to defend their clan and restore balance to the Highlands, but he would get revenge in the process.
Nay, he and his men would have to play it safe—this time. Alas, subtlety had never been their strong suit.
“Do ye think they’ll show? Mayhap they turned back,” Bowen muttered. “’Twould be their way.”

“They’ll come,” Lachlan said. “My source was adamant they’d be here.”
It was true, none of them had expected the sky to open up and unleash her wrath upon them, but his gut told him it wouldn’t stop the Mackintosh. And in the last eight and twenty years, he’d learned to trust his instincts. More than once it had saved his life and those of his men. After so long, it would be foolhardy to question it now.
Bowen shook his head. “A man willing to betray his kin for a few coins is no’ a man to trust—even if his kin be the very devil himself. Yer source could’ve led us into a trap of our own making and we’d be none the wiser.”
“Aye, ‘tis possible. Any man can lie for profit, but only a foolish one would lie at the point of a sword.”
“Or a loyal one,” Bowen said.
Lachlan shrugged, conceding the point. Though he doubted the Mackintosh chief garnered much loyalty among his people, he would not deny the possibility, however slim it might be. In his experience, the threat of injury—or worse—always loosened a man’s tongue. 

Now I get to pass this on for someone else to do! I am going to tag one of my wonderful writer friends, Jena Lang over at Passionate Scribbles!


  1. Sounds like a book I will love to read, Natalie (love medieval romance - and set in Scotland, even better). It's funny how stories just appear out of thin air, isn't it?

    OK, off to check out your writing page :)

  2. Ooo, gotta love me some hot highlander romance. And if it's similar to Monica McCarty, even better. Thanks for playing along today, Nat. =o)

  3. Janet- Aww, thanks! Yes, it is weird how our stories just seem to appear. Non-writers don't seem to understand, hehe.

  4. B.E.- Thanks for tagging me, hun! Honestly, I don't think I ever would have compared myself to Monica, a NYT bestseller, but an agent I sent a full to said I reminded her of Monica. I squeed so much when I read that, LOL!

  5. Love the snippet, Natalie - I want more!!! And I love this line: "Anyone would be with this sort of weather crawling up yer arse day in and day out."

    Well done - and thanks for posting it :)

  6. I loved the snippet of your hot Highlander romance!!! This is going to be one for my keeper shelf. ;)

  7. I loved your answers!! And your snipped already has me swooning--I feel lucky to have you as a CP!! Historical romance is my go-to favorite genre. ~.^


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