Wednesday, January 9

First Week Done!

Hello everyone!

As most of you probably know, I tend to do updates on Wednesday's. Well, today I thought I would do an update on how my 2013 goals are going so far!


--My goal was to write 3500 words a week. Although I didn't manage that last week, I'm proud of what I accomplished! I was about 1000 words shy, but it doesn't bother me. My husband's grandparents came into town over the weekend, which took up a lot of our time, so I'm fine with the progress I made. Plus, part of my goals this year is to be patient with myself.  Everything can't happen at once ;)

--I looked at purchasing my domain name this week. Although the address I want is currently taken, no website is actually being used there. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to contact the person and see about buying it from them, or if I'm going to wait until the address is up for renewal in October. I'm still tossing ideas around, but I really want to publish under my maiden name. I've dreamed of signing Natalie Murphy on books since I was in the first grade, so I don't really want to change that.

--I did some preliminary calculations for RWA Nationals in Atlanta this summer. I overestimated to about $1900 for four days. Quite pricey, eh? I know there are ways to cut that number down (probably in half if I really tried), but I need to wait and see what my fellow RWA members are going to do. If a friend is going, I might ask if we could split the cost of a room. Or if one of them is driving down from the Virginia area, I might ask if we could carpool and I help with gas money. You see where this is going. There are options, I just need to wait and see what everyone else is thinking.

--I have read four books so far this year! My goal is fifty, so I'm well on my way. If you want to stay in the loop, you can always check out my Books of 2013 link at the top of the page. You can also find me on Goodreads. I won't put bad reviews up, but I do mark the books I've read.

--One of my goals was to join Hearts Through History RWA, but after looking at it, I've decided against it. I'm very happy with my Celtic Hearts group, so I'm going to focus my time on them instead.


--One of my big goals this year was to go through the townhouse and purge. Although we just moved here four months ago, my husband is a bit of a pack rat about some things. He has a lot of stuff and his parents have never been the type to get rid of anything. As for me, I am extremely OCD and purge things about once every four to five months. Needless to say, it's been a learning curve for both of us. In any case, he has a TON of clothes to donate, so I went through all of those and made a huge list of every item. I think we have about twenty white garbage bags full (I will count this weekend and let you know if I'm right). We are going to Goodwill on Saturday to donate them.

--We signed up for a doggy obedience training class over the weekend. Although we aren't having problems training Powell (in fact, he already knows sit, down, and shake a paw--all by voice and/or visual commands) we want to see techniques for the more complicated things like come and stay. We also want to see what they recommend for leash training.

As for my weekend, I accomplished a lot that wasn't on my list... The grandparents came to visit for a few days, we had one last Christmas celebration with some family, we are looking at renting a big beach house this summer with nine other people (which requires a lot of planning), and we also got Powell neutered yesterday. He seems to have done well, but he was very stoned last night and this morning he seems to be in pain (whining and restless movements). The vet says that's normal, so I'll just keep a close eye on him and give him lots of cuddles =)

*I forgot to add this earlier, but I also wrote a guest blog post for B.E. Sanderson this week =)

So there you have it! I think I've done a lot in one week so far =) How are you doing with your goals or resolutions so far this year?


  1. Wow! I am so impressed. My first goal for 2013 was to clean off my desk. I moved everything to one side and cleaned off half of it...does that count?

  2. You've been very busy, Natalie - congrats on starting 2013 with a bang! I heard somewhere that habits usually take 3 months to take - 3 months of routinely doing something before it sticks - you're well on your way to making some fabulous habits!

    I had a goal of some morning activity, just to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, and (so far), I've done that activity (10 minutes on the spin bike with some upper body strength training - nothing big, nothing time consuming) every day of the month. Happy with that.

    Oh, poor Powell :( Hope he's feeling better soon!!!

  3. Teri- Thank you! Quite frankly, I shocked myself! Heheh, it does count! You started at least ;)

  4. Janet- Thanks! I didn't even realize how much I'd done this week until I stopped and thought about it =)

    Hmm, three months? That seems a bit long, but what do I know, LOL! The writing is going to be the most difficult thing for me to keep up, but that's okay. I'll work on it.

    Good job! I am NOT a morning person, so I have no idea how you are doing that ;) Although, 10 minutes is a good amount of time. Just enough to get the blood flowing =)

    Powell is doing alright. He's healing--and sleeping--so that's good =)

  5. I wondered if that was why Powell was wearing the cone of shame. Poor baby. :pup hugs:

    You've been a busy gal already this year. Go you! And thanks for the guest blog. It's been very busy there this week. 94 hits so far - which is like the second highest hit count I've ever had. Yay!

    My goal right now is to make it through the spring without needing to be committed. So far, so good. ;o)

  6. B.E.- Hehe yep, he no longer has his bits.

    Thanks! I'm trying to start the year with a bang--I hope it keeps up, LOL!

    Woohoo! That's awesome! My blog hits have really picked up this week too. I'm getting 100-150 hits a day now!

    Haha aww, I hope you stay sane ;)

  7. Great start to the New Year, Nat! You're such an inspiration!!!

    I like to make goals throughout the year, not just in January. This year I'm focusing on exercise and writing, and trying to do both at least five days a week. So far, so good.

    Poor Powell. His boy bits may be gone, but he looks awfully adorable in the Cone of Shame. I hope he's feeling better.

  8. Jen- Aww, thank you hun! I do that too. Since we can't know how the year is going to go, it would be silly of us to not adjust and change as our life does =) GOOD JOB!!! It takes a lot of work to stick with goals, so you're doing an awesome job!

    Hehe, yep, he's a cutie patootie.


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