Wednesday, January 23

Third Week: Bust

Well, I'm afraid I don't have good news this week. As some of you may know, I was very sick last week. I was dizzy, throwing up, and even fainted twice. Boy, oh boy, it was a lovely time. I'm slowly feeling better, but I didn't get much done over the past seven days. I managed to clean a bit over the weekend, and I watched a lot of TV/movies, but... that's about it. I didn't even read!

The only thing I did do consistently was train Powell. He's doing really well. We had another class last night, and it was lots fun. We're now working on stand, come, stay, and loose-leash walking. Both of the teachers thought he did exceptionally well, so I'm happy =)

I'm upset I didn't get stuff done this week, but I was simply too sick.

How was your week? Do you ever have "bust" weeks, where nothing gets done?


  1. Don't beat yourself up, Natalie - you were sick! And getting better is the top priority! I have had bust weeks, and there's been no excuse (like being dizzy and you fainted, twice?!?). But, we get back up and we start again. Simple!

    Yay, for Powell. Good Boy!!

    Take care :)

  2. Janet- Yep, twice. A few years ago I developed extreme anemia (they have no explanation why--it just appears in women in their 20s or during their "child bearing years"). I was weak, shaky, dizzy, and had blue lips, etc... Because of all of that, I would faint at the drop of a hat. Ever since then, if I get just a bit too dizzy, my body's reaction is to faint. It's extremely annoying. I also faint at 3D movies, but that was before the anemia thing happened. My eyes just can't deal with 3D, or with "shaky cam" movies. I spoke to my doctor about it once, but she said that happens to some people. No rhyme or reason to it. *shrugs*

  3. Like Janet, I've had bust weeks where I didn't have any excuse, so don't sweat your one week of being sick, Nat. I know you're a hard-drivin' woman, and I respect that about you, but you're allowed some slack every now and then. :hugs:

    And the not being able to watch 3D or shaky movies? That's me. I also can't be around strobe lights or police lights. I don't faint, but I get severe vertigo. Cross your fingers I don't ever get pulled over at night. I'll act drunk just from the lights. ;o)

  4. Beth- Yeah, I'm disappointed but I'm not too upset about it. I'm just hoping I can do more this week. Hehe yep, my mum and my husband always get annoyed with me because I rarely ever take a break.

    I haven't tried strobe lights or police lights, but I'm sure I'm the same way as you. LOL! Omg, I'm sorry, but that would be hilarious. You know, once they tested you and you explained...lmao.

  5. Bust weeks suck! You had a good excuse for not writing, so don't stress too much. I saw on Twitter that you wrote over your goal today. Fabulous! Looks like you're feeling better. =o)

    I had a rough start to the week. Just felt blue about financial stuff and lacked the motivation to write. Then I picked up a romance book. Once I started reading it, the urge to write came back. I met my goal today. Hopefully the rest of the week will go well.

    I hate shaky cam movies. My hubby and I almost threw up after we saw Cloverfield in the theater. I think we were sitting too close to the screen. It was awful.

    Yay for Powell!!! He's doing so well. =)

  6. Jen- Yes they do! Yep, I was quite pleased with my number yesterday. I don't think the words were very good, but after a week of no writing, I'm happy to have SOME words =)

    Aww, I'm sorry. Financial stuff is the worst, especially with only one income coming in (I know ALL about that right now lol). I'm glad you overcame your blues. A good romance novel always helps.

    Cloverfield was one of the movies I fainted in! I also fainted in District 9. I just can't do them. I also hate 3D movies.


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