Monday, January 28

You're Next...

The other day my husband and I went to the grocery store to do our usual weekly shopping. Well, it's that time of the year again: Girl Scout (or Girl Guide in Canada) cookies. Lo and behold, the Girl Scouts were stationed outside Kroger, waiting for us.... We were strong and didn't buy any (we spend enough supporting Boy Scouts), but it made me think of this:

Heheheh. Have you bought any cookies recently? If no, are you thinking about buying some now??
I hope you have a happy Monday!


  1. The insidious little Girl Scout stopped by here yesterday. She's so cute, it's hard to resist her. And when I told her I didn't want any cookies this year, I thought she was gonna cry - which made me feel like a monster. Evil, wicked organization those Girl Scouts.

  2. We don't have any Girl Guides or Scouts in the area - or none I've seen (we're off the beaten path - even Trick or Treaters tend not to take the long road up to our house). If I see the Guides or Scouts in the store, I rush past - not that I don't want to contribute to their fundraiser, I just don't need any cookies in the house.

    FYI - when they changed the cookie formula, I stopped buying. They just don't taste the same as before!

  3. B.E.- Heheh. Yeah, they're pretty bad. Since I grew up in Scouts (ie Boy Scouts here, but in Canada its both genders), we always had a thing against Girl Guides lol. They can be very pushy with their cookies.

  4. Janet- Yeah, I agree with you about the new formula. I used to like their mint chocolate cookies, but they aren't the same now. It's easier to ignore them when they aren't as yummy.

  5. Hee hee. I've yet to see a Girl Scout selling cookies, but I'm sure they'll be stationed outside our local grocery store any day now. I love the thin mint cookies, but they're bad for my diet. My strategy is to walk quickly in out and out of the grocery store without making eye contact with the Girl Scouts. And if they shout out, I pretend I don't hear them. ;)

  6. Jen- You're lucky! I always feel guilty when I say no. Yep, you canNOT make eye contact with them. If you do, smile and shake your head. Never engage in conversation. NEVER! LOL.


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