Friday, March 15

Links to Check Out

Hello everyone!

It seems I forgot to write a blog post for today. Oopsie! Instead of writing one in a rush, I thought I'd direct you to a few notable things I stumbled across this week:

1). Roni Loren on how writing faster has helped her writing.
--I found this very interesting. Although I am the type of writer who needs to go back and fix something, I do agree that the faster I write, the more I like what comes out.

2). Liza Palmer on the 9 best pieces of advice she's ever received
--I especially love number one. I figured that one out quite early on.

3). A medieval knight has been found in an Edinburgh car park dig! 
--First King Richard III and now a medieval knight? SO COOL.

4). Violin found from the Titanic!
--This is just so neat. Apparently they've found the bandleader's violin from the Titanic!!!


  1. Great advice from Liza Palmer!

    Those are two very cool historical finds!!! =)

  2. I loved the advice from Liza Palmer too. I especially love her cup--might have to get one of my own ;)

    IKR? It's a big week for history! A new pope, a medieval find, and a 20th century find!!


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