Wednesday, March 13

Update on Life!

Hello everyone!

I thought I'd give an update today on how everything has been going!


--I have fixed chapter three and am now working on chapter four! I am very pleased with how everything is going =) I lost a lot of words with the edit, but oh well. It's for the best in the end. I also have two of my CPs kicking my butt now, so hopefully I can get this story written!

--I finished my articles for the Celtic Hearts newsletter and sent them in, finally.

--I am beta reading a book for Amalia Dillin. It is very good so far. =)

--I have now read thirteen books this year. I'm working on my fourteenth with Amalia's book, then I have two more books I need to read for friends.


--I did some deep cleaning of the townhouse. I will also be decorating for Easter soon.

--I have also come up with a plan to lose some weight, thanks to my CP Tina Lynn Sandoval. I'd like to be healthier, so the change starts today!

--The husband and I spent the weekend at Granny and Pawpaw's this past weekend, which was lovely. It is always nice to get away from it all and relax.

--Powell had his six month "birthday" on Monday, so that was exciting. I can't believe he's this old already!

** I forgot to mention this earlier, but I also gave myself second degree burns on my hand! I was carrying a pot to the sink and my left arm gave out. My right tried to compensate, but I ended up pouring boiling water all over my hand. The husband and I did as much as we could, but we were told by my doctor that next time we should go to the emergency room. Still, it is healing well now, so I'm happy with that.**

I think that about covers the majority of big things going on for me. How are you guys? Anything exciting going on at your end??


  1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Nat! Good luck with the 'get healthier' program. Way to go on getting CH3 fixed and working on CH4. And Happy 1/2 year birthday to Powell!

    I'm just sitting here chanting my 'Embrace Change' mantra and trying not to pick the flowers off the wallpaper. And I've been reading a ton. I'm already at 17 books for the year when I only planned on being able to read 50.

  2. Beth- Thanks, hun! I'm very happy with how my writing is going. I know I should just leave things, but CH3 was a mess, and the beginning of CH4 needs to be fixed, so I decided to do it now =)

    Woo hoo! 17 books is lots =) Yeah, my goal is 50 books too. I only *just* made 50 books last year, so I thought that would be a good goal for this year. Apparently I forgot about the whole university graduation, wedding, and moving to a new country when I made that goal, LOL.

  3. OK - trying for the third time to comment (Blogger is being difficult for me this morning).

    Great job on your goals, Natalie! And a Happy 6th month Birthday to Powell!!

    I have been derailed because of this cold, but hope to be back up and running (literally) by the weekend :)

  4. Yay! Finally went through :)

  5. Janet- I'm sorry blogger is being difficult for you! I wonder why it wasn't working...

    Yeah, you need to take care of yourself this week. Rest and relax. When you're better, then you can get back to work ;)

  6. Glad to hear you're pleased with how your writing is going, and that you're reading lots of books. I also hope to read 50 books this year. So far, so good.

    Happy 6 month birthday to Powell! He's such a cutie.

    You seem to accomplish everything you set your mind to, so I'm sure you'll see success with your new healthy lifestyle.

    Keep up the good work! =)

  7. Jen- Yay! We all seem to be on track with our reading schedules =)

    Aww, thank you hun!! xoxo


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