Wednesday, March 27

Update: Week 12

Time for my weekly update!


--I continued to help a CP with her story, which includes reading chapters and brainstorming. It has been lots of fun.

--I started critiquing a story for another CP.  It's wonderful so far =)

--I have read eighteen books so far this year. I'm pleased with my progress!

--I have been asked to be the Young Adult category coordinator for the Golden Claddagh contest held by my Celtic Hearts RWA chapter. So not only will I be a judge for the historical category, but I will also be in charge of coordinating the YA category. It's going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it =)

--I'm still slogging through CH4 of my work-in-progress. I wanted to be done by Sunday, but it has been slow going. I do, however, like what I've written. I just need to keep writing and eventually I'll be done.


--I had to make 72 cookies for my cousin-in-law. She's in a play and the entire cast was having a party, so I made cookies as a treat.

--We also went to a birthday party on Saturday for the same cousin-in-law.

--My husband and I babysat Pawpaw on Saturday night. Everyone else went to the play, so we hung out with Pawpaw and had dinner with him =) We watched a lot of NCIS lol.

--On Monday we went to lunch with the mother-in-law, and then afterwards I had a terrible headache so I had to rest for most of the evening (the mother-in-law and the headache are completely unrelated, I assure you).


  1. LOL, the mother-in-law/headache thing sounded like the punchline to an old joke. I'm so glad it wasn't a true story.

    Way to go being up to CH14. You'll get 'er done. The important part right now is that you're liking what you have so far. =o)

  2. Beth- Ahhh, chapter FOUR, not fourteen. Sorry, it was a typo on my part. I wish I was on chapter fourteen lmao.

    I know, I typed that up and then realized it sounded like the headache was caused by lunch with my mother-in-law. Since some family members have been known to read this blog, I figured I should save my ass lol.


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