Wednesday, April 17

Update: Week 15

Hello everyone!

I hope your week has been good so far...And if it hasn't, it's almost the weekend! Yay! ;)


--I finished not one, but two chapters this week =) I am very happy. I sent them to my Alpha last night, so hopefully I'll find out what she thought sometime today. I lost a lot of words with my rewrites, but I think the chapters are stronger now, which is what matters in the long run.

--I've read three books over the past two weeks, bringing my total up to twenty-two.

--I've been entering and doing my coordinator stuff for the Golden Claddagh contest hosted by my Celtic Hearts RWA Chapter. I haven't received many entries yet, so if you write YA and you have a completed manuscript, check out our guidelines! You don't need to write Celtic to enter!

--I don't want to say much about this right now, but I am taking part in a "trial run" with one of my good writer friends to see if we'd be compatible as critique partners. If it goes well, I can announce who it is next week! =)


--On Wednesday I went to Charlotte, North Carolina with the husband to finish up our taxes. Since I arrived in the USA on a Fiance Visa and am still waiting to receive my Green Card, taxes this year were especially painful. We want to do our civil duty, but they keep placing roadblocks in our way! Grrr! Anyway, it is now settled and we've filed our federal taxes. Unfortunately, we have to wait for our state taxes until after our federal tax is returned (complicated nonsense). Luckily for us, we have an automatic six month extension for our state taxes because we're receiving a refund. Phew.

--We brought the puppy to North Carolina with us to see how he'd do in the car for that long. Since we're going to the beach this summer, we wanted to try and prepare him now while he's still young. From Roanoke to Charlotte and back was about seven hours total, and Powell did wonderfully! The beach will be six hours there and six back, but there'll be a week in between, so that's good. 

--I'm going to knock on wood while I say this, but we seem to have hit the summer season here in Virginia. It has been ridiculously hot for the past week and a half. Our AC is already on, and we've already pulled out our summer clothes. We've had a few "off" days where it's in the low 70s (low 20s for Canadians), but that's still very nice.

--Last night we brought the puppy for a walk in a park near our townhouse. It has a lovely creek that runs through it, so we brought Powell down to the water to see what he'd do. He has very short hair, so he's freezing in the winter, but he's also black, so he gets really hot in the sun. We were hoping he was a water dog... and it looks like we were right! He marched right on in without hesitation and splashed around a bit. He got a little nervous the deeper he got, but I walked in there with him and he was fine. Made it to the deepest part, which reached his chest! We're going to keep bringing him near water, so hopefully by August and our beach trip, he'll be set =)

--This seems to be a "puppy" week for us... We've also been working on leash training with Powell now that the weather is nice. We brought him out on Saturday and then again last night, and he's already walking like a trained professional (hehehehe). He was completely heeled the entire time. The hubby and I were shocked. He's a good dog, but he's only 7 1/2 months old, so we don't expect miracles out of him, but he stayed with us the whole way. The only time he got "side-tracked" was when we'd reach grass and he'd want to sniff EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE. But even then, he stayed with us. I'm very excited =)

Well, I think that about covers it for us. I can't think of anything else that's happened, though I'm sure I'm missing stuff. Oh well!

Added: I just came across this blog post from my friend Dana. She talks about the three and a half easy steps to getting your mojo back and keeping it. Check it out!

How was your week? Do you have nice weather where you are?


  1. Two chapters and three books?! YAY!!!!! Very nice job, Nat.

    And YAY to Powell for being such an awesome puppy! It's so great that he loves the water and is doing well on the leash. =)

  2. Jen- Yep! Well, the two chapters had already been written, but I went back and edited them. One was a complete rewrite, whereas the other just had a few things to change. Today I'm starting a brand new chapter for the first time in weeks! I'm stumbling a bit on how I want to start it, but I'll figure it out =)

    Yes, we hope he continues being a good puppy with the leash. That'll make it easier on my arms.

  3. Love the Powell pics and your blog's new look!

  4. Thank you! I'm still tweaking things, but I like it. I really needed a change.

    Heheh yep, I forgot I'd taken pictures, so I went back and added them in =)

  5. Sounds like an awesome week, Nat. Way to go on the two chapters! And your reading goals are zooming right along. Good job!

    And yay for Powell. Smart pup and well mannered, too. =o)


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