Wednesday, April 24

Update: Week Sixteen!

Hello everyone! Time for my weekly update!


--First and foremost, I have a new critique partner! Jena Lang and I have been good friends for years and years, so I'm very excited to become CPs! She's a Celtic Hearts sister of mine (she's the one who encouraged me to join in the first place), and she also writes Medieval Romance! I loved her critique of my first chapter, and I adored reading and critiquing hers =) For links to her blogs and Facebook etc... you can check out the "Links" bubble at the top of this page.

--As I mentioned above, I received my critique back. I really liked her suggestions, so I sat down and made the changes. I thought it was going to take forever, but it only took me a couple of hours on Thursday evening and Friday morning to fix everything. I sent it to my Alpha, who read it over the weekend and LOVED it. She didn't think it could get any better, but now she thinks it's fantastic *Squee*  After that, I sent it back to Jen to see if the changes were what she had in mind. I should hear sometime this week =)

--While I'm waiting to hear back on my rewrite of CH 1, I've finally started working on CH 7. I only have notes on how I want the chapter to go, so I actually get to write this rather than edit it (which is what it feels like I've been doing for the past month or two). I really like what I have so far, so hopefully that keeps up =)

--I formatted more manuscripts for the Golden Claddagh contest and filled out all of the necessary paperwork.

--I bought a wrist brace for my right hand. It's been killing me recently, and I have no doubts that it's carpal tunnel. After my two arm surgeries, my doctor said I had carpal tunnel caused by the strain in my elbows, but that it wasn't bad enough to have surgery yet. Well, it's several years later, and it's bad. I'm being stubborn about going to the doctor, but I know I'll go eventually.


--The husband and I brought Powell for tons of walks, which was nice. The puppy is so good on a leash, but he does pull every so often, so I can't take him by myself yet. My arms are just too bad. But soon, I hope =)

--We filed my Canadian taxes over the weekend (they're due at the end of this month). Technically I didn't have to file because I didn't make any money and because I filed jointly with my husband here in the USA, but we decided to play it safe and mail them in anyway. Since I made zero dollars, it wasn't difficult to fill out the forms.

--We ordered an elliptical! It doesn't arrive until next week, but I can't wait to start using it =)

Well, that's all I can think of right now! How has your week been? Do anything fun or exciting? Did you guys get your taxes in on time? *tsks* Heheheh.


  1. My week has been non-eventful compared to yours :P Slow down and take a breath, gurl <3

  2. I'm so excited that we're now CPs! Your critiques of my WIP are exactly what I wanted/needed and I love your writing. =)

    I can relate to your wrist pain. I have tendonitis in both my wrists, which I'm certain is now carpal tunnel, and have to wear braces when I type and sleep. I need to go to the doctor, too.

    Great job, Powell!

    You're getting an elliptical?! Awesome!

  3. A very busy update, Natalie! Sorry to hear that your arms/wrists are giving you more grief - but I totally understand the desire to NOT go to the doctor. Just take it easy, k?

    Wow, an elliptical! I've heard they are very, very good (I've never used one) and very easy on the joints. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming workouts :)

  4. Tina- LOL. The funny thing is, I didn't include cooking, cleaning, or basic chores. We also saw family several times.

    I never realize how much we accomplish each week until I write it down. Then it makes me feel a bit better, LOL. What can I say, I'm a bit of a workaholic that way (or so I've been told lol).

  5. Jen- Yay!!! I'm very excited =) Aww, thank you <3

    Yuck!! Yeah, it's very painful. A lot of people don't realize how much it changes what you do from day to day. Basic things hurt, and you have to pace yourself. I hope we both go to the doctor soon. *sighs*

    Yes! I've wanted an elliptical for a while now, so we finally decided to get one. It's not one of the super expensive ones (hah, I wish), but it'll get the job done! =)

  6. Janet- I didn't realize how much I'd accomplished this week until I wrote it all down. I think that's why I like these update posts so much. Not only does it keep track of my progress for me, but it shows me that I wasn't a lazy slug all week like I thought, LOL.

    Yeah, I didn't have much luck with the Canadian healthcare system with my two previous arm surgeries, so I'm a bit jaded when it comes to going to the doctor. I know it's better down here, but I'm still a bit wary.

    I adore ellipticals. My university had them for us to use, and I fell in love. It is a HUGE workout, but it is easier on your joints. And 30 minutes on the elliptical is equatable to an hour on the treadmill because it is such a full body workout. =)

  7. Sounds like a productive week. Sorry your wrists hurt so bad, though.

    We're still in the 'buying stuff to fill the house' phase, along with waiting for stuff we already bought to be delivered. Nothing exciting. And our taxes were done in February. We knew March and April were going to be crazy, so we planned ahead.

  8. Beth- Thank you =)

    Heheh, that sounds like a fun phase! Yeah, that was smart =)


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