Friday, May 3

Update: Week Seventeen!


--Did another chapter critique for my CP, Jena Lang. Her story is awesome so far =)

--I received a critique back on my CH 2. There's not as much work as I thought. In fact, she's asking for more detail on a few things. Since I adore detail, this is like telling me to eat more cheesecake without feeling guilty. I'm very excited.

--I worked on the revisions for CH2 and sent them off to my Alpha. Hopefully I hear back soon, then I can pass them back to Jen!

--I'm currently working on CH7. I didn't get to write much this weekend, but I'm kicking butt this week! I really like what I have so far =)

--I've also been super busy with the Golden Claddagh contest. Everyone waited until the last minute to get me their entries so it's been a bit crazy!

--I tried to read a few more books on my Kindle, but they were duds. I did sneak in one novella though, so that was nice =)


--Went up to Staunton for the weekend to visit with Granny and Pawpaw

--Played frisbee, chase, and fetch with Powell nearly the whole time I was away. That part was lots of fun =)

--Went to a birthday party for my cousin-in-law. He turned seven, so it was great fun to watch all of the little kids run around (and to play with his new baby puppy!)

--My mother-in-law brought me to Dress Barn. I got six tops =)

--While I was gone, my husband picked up our new elliptical and set it up for me. I've been using it all week and it's been kicking my ass, but I LOVE it so far. I highly recommend.  For those interested, I've now run 10 miles in five days. That might not be a lot to some of you, but that's huge for me!!

--Along the same lines... I've lost 3.2 pounds* (ahh, I just double checked and this number is actually 4 pounds now! 3.2 was yesterday) since Monday. I can't believe how quickly I'm seeing progress. I'm very happy =)

--Also while I was away, my husband vacuumed and mopped for me! He's a keeper ;)

--Last night the husband and I went out on a date. We went to Panera for dinner, then we hung out at B&N for a bit (I got two books, heheh). After that, we went and saw the new Iron Man movie! It was amazing!!! We really liked it. =)

So how has your week been? Do you plan on seeing the new Iron Man movie?? Who is your favorite superhero? 


  1. Another busy week for you. This week was a blur. We got a quote for new gutters, went up to the county seat and got MO plates for the car, filled out the paperwork for new drivers' licenses, applied for a MO title on the car. We went to an antiques mall and Hubs bought me a cute little magazine rack. That was one day. The rest? Cleaning, organizing, making the new place ours. =o)

  2. Wow - great job on the fitness, Natalie!! FYI - Daily Mile: you can track all your workouts and look back at how far you've come. I use it all the time - and you can add friends (it's like FB for fitness - I keep mine private, so only those I know are my 'workout' buddies). They have a spot for elliptical workouts - if you're interested, check it out (

    A very busy week - great job on all counts (including writing - you were smokin' this week). And don't you love husbands who vacuum and mop?

  3. You think my story is awesome so far?! *claps* Yay. I'm still working on my CH1 revisions. I didn't do any writing the last 2 days. I've been too stressed out. But I plan to write today.

    I can't wait to see your revisions to CH2. I'm glad my need for detail made you so happy. =)

    Congrats on your weight loss!!!

    Sounds like you had a fun date night. I want to see IRON MAN 3 soon. Enjoy your books!

  4. Beth- Yep, it seems like every week is packed full of stuff. I guess it's good that I keep busy, LOL.

    Wow, you guys were busy too!! Do you enjoy unpacking and finding a place to put everything? I've always loved that part of moving =)

  5. Janet- Thank you!!! That means a lot coming from you ;)

    Hmm, I will definitely look into it! My husband also mentioned a site, so I'll check them both out =)

    Yes, I was very happy when I came home to find the house clean. I didn't have the best weekend, so it was lovely of him to do that for me.

  6. Jen- Yes! Of course I do. I think it's great =) Yeah, I know they say to write every day no matter what, but sometimes it's better to step back if you're super stressed. I hope everything is okay??

    Hehehe yes, I adore detail, so I had a lot of fun putting that in =)

    Thank you! I'm pleased so far!

    Yes, Iron Man was SO GOOD. And we saw 5 trailers for other movies we want to see, LOL!

  7. week has been busy in the not fun way. And it promises to continue to be so until sometime in June, I suspect. *le sigh* I need something to anchor me to my sanity.

  8. Tina- *hugs* I'm sorry it's so crazy busy for you right now. But just think, soon you'll be back in AZ! Hot weather, pools, bigger houses, better jobs... =) I have no idea what could anchor you to sanity. If you figure it out, can you pass along the secret? I'm sure many of us want to know ;)


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