Tuesday, July 2

2013 Goals-- A Review

Hey guys,

Since we are officially at the halfway mark, I decided to do a review of my goals for the year. As a refresher, here's a link to my original 2013 Goals.

Tomorrow I will post my new goals, but for today I thought I'd talk about what I've accomplished so far.


--I've read 36 books so far this year (with a goal of 50).

--I've gotten a lot farther on A Highlander's Ransom, though I still have a ways to go. With the help of my new CP (Jena Lang), I've made great progress.

--I've done two newsletters for Celtic Hearts so far this year.

--I bought one of my domain names.

--I renewed my Celtic Hearts membership

--I was a judge for the Golden Claddagh contest

--I was asked to be the Young Adult coordinator for the Golden Claddagh Contest. Boy, that's been very time consuming lol.

--Gained a new CP!

--Have beta'd one book this year.

--I looked at seriously attending RWA Nationals in Atlanta this summer, but we simply can't afford it.

--I decided not to join Hearts Through History. I have enough on my plate with Celtic Hearts, LOL.


--I went through the house and donated an entire Jeep load of stuff. I'm not even kidding, it was packed.

--We have made a huge dent in training Powell. He's still a puppy so he has his moments, but he's such a good dog--and freakishly smart!

Other Stuff:

--I got second degree burns in March from dropping a pot of boiling water on my hand. It wasn't fun and made life difficult for several weeks lol.

--Granny & Pawpaw haven't been doing all that well, and neither has Granddad. We try to spend as much time with them as possible.

--My dad injured his back/shoulder, and mum's legs aren't the best, so that has been difficult as well.

--We had a whole tax fiasco back in April when we went to file our taxes. It wasn't fun, but at least we got it done.

--I have helped plan and organize the beach trip for this summer! Only a month left!

--We bought an elliptical and I've loved every minute of it. My clothes are already too big, and I love how toned and fit I feel =)


  1. Great job on your goals - and, yikes, half way through 2013!!!

    Sorry to hear your grandparents are not well - it's good you are close and can visit often!

  2. Janet- Thanks, hun! I know, I can't believe we're already halfway through the year! It's gone by way too fast for me, LOL.

    Thank you. We just try to take it one day at a time.

  3. Halfway through the year? Already?!?! Yikes. Where did the time go?

    You work hard, and it shows. WTG!!! You've accomplished a lot in the past 6 months, so give yourself a big pat on the back, girl.

    I'm keeping your loved ones in my prayers.

    Enjoy that beach vacation!

  4. Jen- IKR? I can't believe it's been so long. This year just flew by.

    Aww, thanks hun =)

    I can't wait to see my parents and go to the beach. I think it'll be a lot of fun!


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