Friday, July 5

2013 NEW Goals

Here's a refresher of my original 2013 Goals and the post from a few days ago.

I've decided to be realistic and narrow my focus. I wanted to write two books this year, but that simply isn't happening. I would be thrilled with one finished ;)

New Goals


--Finish A Highlander's Ransom. I would like to enter the Golden Heart contest in November, so that gives me a wonderful deadline (although I would like to be done before that).

--Write a synopsis and query A Highlander's Ransom.

--Read at least 50 books this year. I'm already at 36 (and a half, since I'm reading an e-serial that comes out weekly), so this won't be hard to accomplish. I also want to keep on top of my NTR (Need To Read) shelf.

--Buy my domain name and create a website. I've already bought one of the names I want, but I also want the other (it's up for renewal soon, so I'm hoping to grab it). Once I decide which name I'm going with (Murphy vs. Nicholas), I will build my website around that =)

--Renew RWA and RT memberships. RWA is coming up at the end of August, and RT is in December for me.

--Finish the last two newsletters for Celtic Hearts. I haven't decided if I'm going to come back next year, but we'll see.

--Continue to critique for my CPs and betas.


--Continue to keep up on birthdays (send out cards etc...)

--Work on resume & find a job (once I can legally work)

--Continue to work towards my Green Card. Once it's in my hands, I need to legally change my name, be put on the bank account, get my SSN etc...

--Continue to work out regularly


  1. Those all look like attainable goals. You can do it! =o)

  2. Excellent goals, Nat. I'm sure you'll accomplish a lot before December.

  3. Jen- Thanks, hun! I try to be adaptable. =)

  4. Outstanding! Generous of you to publish your goals. Peace and more good things for you.



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