Tuesday, August 20

Enough Excuses

Hello all, 

I know I don't post here very often, but I'm hoping to change that. I've decided to jump back into writing full time. Enough of this crap. I want this story finished, damn it! To achieve this, I'm making some changes around here. 

First and foremost, I'm going to start my days off by writing blog posts. I'm not going to attempt to make them pithy or entertaining, so I apologize in advance. I'm simply going to write about whatever topic my tired morning-brain feels like discussing at that moment. I've never liked writing prompts, which a lot of writers use to get started in the morning, so this is my alternative.

Secondly, I am actively looking to join an RWA Chapter in my area. Since everything is 3+ hours away, this is a big endeavor. I'm hoping to pick one soon, so I can attend their September meeting. I need face-to-face interaction with other writers. I just need it. I think it will help inspire me to keep my fingers on the keyboard.

And finally, the most important point: I WILL WRITE THIS DAMN BOOK. I want to have a second book written by my 24th birthday (December 21st). University, surgeries, moving, and a wedding took up my time over the past 3 years, which I don't regret. They were necessary things that needed to be done (and I'm proud of what I've accomplished in life so far). But I'm sick and tired of my own excuses when it comes to writing. Enough is enough. I have the time to write and finish this story, so enough excuses! Let's get 'er done.


  1. Amalia-- Haha thank you ;) Do we get cupcakes or something as a new member??

  2. With your enthusiasm, Natalie, I know it will get done. Good luck and I look forward to reading your morning 'thoughts' (I know that works well for me...now if I could only follow through with some novel writing afterward ;)

  3. Janet-- I sure hope so! Thank you! I imagine a few of them will be quite amusing, since it'll be early in the morning ;)

  4. I agree completely: No more excuses! I woke this morning and thought the same thing. I want my WIP finished by December too.

    I can't wait to read your morning thoughts. I've missed your blog posts.

  5. We've got this, Jen. We can do it!!

    Aww, thank you =) Well I'm hoping to post here more often. Like I said, It won't be brilliant thoughts, but hopefully they will be mildly entertaining (or alarming). ;)

  6. Knowing you, you'll do it, Nat. You can do anything you set your mind to - you've already proven that. ;o)

  7. Beth-- Aww, thank you =) Your faith in me is a bit daunting ;)


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