Friday, August 30

Links of the Week


--Colorizing Photoshoppers Put a Spin on Old Historical Photos. This is so awesome! I loved getting to see the old pictures with color! These people are quite talented =)

--Archaeologists find a tomb that confirms women ruled Peru. Okay, I love whenever they find something new, so it's no surprise I love this article!

--21 Jokes Only History Nerds Will Understand. Not a favorite, personally, but I thought it was worth sharing. I've heard better jokes--these ones are just "meh" for me.

--Your Ancestors Didn't Sleep Like You. Thought this article was interesting, especially as a historical romance writer.


--Roxanne St. Claire writes a blog post about her BFF, Kresley Cole. As you know, I adore KC, so I loved reading this. I've met her myself, and she was adorable and very nice. But more importantly, this is the type of relationship I want to make with my writer friends. So far I believe I have. Sadly, we're all too poor to meet in person, but one day we will! =)

Book News:

--NPR's 100 Best-Ever Teen Novels. How many have you read? I did the test a week ago, but I'm pretty sure I'd read something like 45.

Random Stuff:

--32 Extremely Upsetting Facts About the Class of 2017. Well, this made me feel old.

--96-Year-Old Man Writes a Song for his Late Wife of 75 Years. Grab the tissues! This one was so sweet and sad. I ended up buying the song-- it's quite adorable.

--20 Majors That Won't Make You Money. Well, shit. You mean an English degree will amount to a low income? Why didn't they tell me that in school! *snorts*

--BEST PRANK EVER. Seriously. If you love Jurassic Park, you need to watch this. I laughed so hard.


  1. More great links. Thanks for sharing!

    The relationship Roxane St. Claire and Kresley Cole share is exactly the type of relationship I want with my writer friends, too. I hope we get to meet and go to a conference together one day. We'd have SO much fun. ;)

  2. Jen-- You're welcome =) I agree--we'd have a blast. It'll happen one day! xo


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