Thursday, August 29

Writing Update!

Now that I'm writing again, I figure I should update you all on how it's going (it keeps me accountable, I suppose).

My desk area!
Alright, so since my Enough Excuses post last Tuesday, I have written 4, 950 words. Huh, not too shabby for me if I do say so myself. Sadly, I didn't write for a few days after a doctor's appointment due to arm pain (which was a legitimate reason this time, not like those excuses I keep coming up with, LOL). I was concerned I wouldn't be able to "get back in the saddle" after that, but I did! I just sat down and wrote. I polished off two chapters (about 23 pages) and sent it to my Alpha, who read them last night. I still need to speak with her about what she thought, but she didn't point out any major flaws (or very many minor ones, either) so I call that a win, LOL.

Today I need to flesh out the next chapter and finish it up, then that will be another chapter completed! I have been thinking more about plot, and I've realized I need to add a subplot in sooner. I want to go back and start adding hints etc... but I've decided that the best direction for me to go right now is forward. I know what I want to add in (and where), so that will have to be enough. Unfortunately for my CP & Alpha, that means a few things might just randomly jump up and smack them in the head, but at least I'll warn them ahead of time, heheh.

A few of my bookshelves. There's one more 
off to the right, and I also have another 
upstairs in the spare room.
Personally, I'd love to power through this first draft and have it done by November 1st. (I'm telling all of you this date so that when the time comes, you can yell/kick/hit me if I don't succeed). That means I have 64 days (including today) to finish it. I'm sitting pretty at 41, 000 words right now (with a goal of about 100, 000), so if I write 1000 words a day, I should be fine. I tend to write a pretty clean rough draft, but I do have a few threads I'll need to go back and include. I also suspect some chapters or scenes will be cut, but meh. At the moment, they're staying in there until I have the whole story written out.

Once my rough draft is done and I do some editing, it'll be off to the rest of my CPs, and then betas. I would LOVE to have this done by the end of the year (or, more specifically, my birthday: December 21st). I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

So what about you guys? How are your stories coming along? Do you have any goals right now? Do you work well with goals, or do you find you work better playing it by ear? Would any of YOU like to beta for me when I'm finished? *wink-wink, nudge-nudge*


  1. Whoo-hoo!!! I'm so proud of you, Nat! I'm sure you'll finish your WIP before your birthday. I can't wait to read your new chapters.

    As for me...I'm struggling to get back into the writing groove. =(

  2. Jen-- Aww, thank you hun!!

    I'm sorry you haven't found your groove yet. We'll have to figure something out to help.

  3. Yaaaaay! That is some fantastic progress...and I've seen what you call a clean rough draft. I read some chapters for you a few years ago. It was my final draft state. For how crowded your life is, you're doing awesome! *warms up parade for your birthday* ; )

  4. Way to go, Nat! You rock.

    I play it all by ear - unless I'm doing something like NaNo. Or trying to get stuff finished so I can do NaNo. So, right now, my goal is to have something finished editing in order to write brand new words during November.

    You know I'll always beta read for you. Let me know when it's ready. I don't envision any problems, but if you're going to be done by November, and I'm going to be starting something in November... oh hell, I'll just make time for you. =o)

  5. Wendy-- Aww, thank you! That was a loooong time ago, LOL. I sure hope I've learned something in the 5 semesters since then! ;)

  6. B.E.-- Thank you!!!! Sounds like a plan to me =)

    Aw, thank you! I'm hoping to have betas read it end of November, early December. It all depends on how quickly I edit and how fast my CPs are.


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