Tuesday, September 24

Happy Birthday Powell!

That's right, today Powell turns one! I can't believe it's already here. We got him when he was just over seven weeks old--just a wee little thing--and now he's massive! When he stands on his back legs, we can dance with him, lol!

Day One! Just over 7 weeks old.
On the way home from picking him up in North Carolina!

He could barely walk in the grass. I called him my drunken sailor.


Visiting with the in-laws for the first time! 
It had been a VERY long day by this point.

Cuddling with mommy.

Being a cutie.

Playing in the leaves =)

"Look at me, I'm sitting so handsomely!"

Sleeping under his very first Christmas tree!

Playing in the snow. Look how big his ears are!

The Cone of Shame

I have no words, LOL.

Cuddling with his reindeer (who he later decapitated)

He went through a period where his ears couldn't decide if they wanted to be up or down.

He's got this jaunty, bad-ass ear thing going on.
And he's adorable.

Look at my handsome man! 
(Note the carrot in the background: his favorite treat)

"I have NO idea how this got stuck on my head..."

What a big baby! He still lets my DH do this, though it's a bit more difficult now...

"Go outside?"

Powell sitting beside his new puppy degrees! ;)

"I'm such a smart boy! Treat?"

"Okay, I can explain..."

Look how grownup he is! 

"Grrr! Let's play!"

"I was digging in the backyard..."

Sleepy time!

Waiting for the Frisbee with my buddy, Charlie.

Lounging after a hard day's work.

"I love my Frisbee."

Super dogs!

Sleeping in the bed.

He looks so regal!

Still sleeping like he did when he was a puppy....

Cuddling with the pillows.

Showing off his bow tie

"Here, Mommy, I brought you your shoe!"

Lookin' handsome!

Happy Birthday, Powell!
You're a pain in the butt, but Mommy loves you! ;)


  1. Awww. What an awesome dog! Happy Birthday, Powell!

  2. B.E.-- Thank you!!! He's something, that's for sure lol.

  3. Extra hugs and kisses for my birthday grand-puppy!

  4. Mum-- I will definitely love on him today! So far he's been sleeping, which is nice for mommy, LOL

  5. I can't believe it's been a whole year. Boy, time sure goes by fast. Powell was such an adorable puppy, and now he's a gorgeous boy. I love his ears!! Happy Birthday, Powell!

  6. Jen-- I know! I mean, I guess we haven't had him for a year since we got him in November, but we know his exact birthday *shrugs* Still, doesn't feel like we've had him for 10 months, LOL.

    Hehe yes, his ears are adorable. It's not as cute when he bolts upright at night because he heard something three miles away.


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