Monday, September 30

My Weekend in Pictures

On Friday we went to a football game at the local high school. 
Sadly, we lost horribly, but it was still fun! =)

On Saturday we went to the Highland Games. It was a bit lame (not much going on), but I still had fun.

I'm not really glaring at the camera, it was very bright out, LOL.

Here's a slightly better picture of us.

After that we went up to Granny & Pawpaw's for the night. On Sunday we celebrated Pawpaw's 80th birthday with a family BBQ, then we headed home to rest and relax =)

What were you guys up to this weekend?


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a blast. =o)

    I didn't do much of anything over the weekend. Laid around, read a book, watched football. All in all a good weekend, but thoroughly unproductive.

  2. B.E.-- Honestly, the first half was good but the second part could have used a bit of work lol. It was stressful up at Granny & Pawpaw's--Powell was being a pain in the butt, and it was just hectic, lol.

    Yours sounds nice and relaxing. I'm hoping for that this weekend =)

  3. Cute pics of you and your hubby! Even lame Highland Games are fun. Too bad the rest of your weekend wasn't as enjoyable. I hope you get to relax and rest this weekend.

    All I did this weekend was read and watch movies. It was nice. =)

  4. Jen-- Thanks =) I hope so, too. I don't think we have any plans, so that'll be nice!

    Your weekend sounds lovely.


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