Tuesday, September 17

My Weekend

Hello all!

I hope you guys had a good weekend. Mine was pretty busy, as usual. On Friday the husband and I went to Longhorn Steakhouse for a mini date. It was delicious--and definitely not "diet" food, but I figure I've been good, so what the heck. At least it was real food and not fast food.  Anyway, we were hoping to go see the newest Riddick movie afterwards, but it was too late, so instead we went to Pet Smart and ran some errands (we really know how to live it up).

On Saturday we made our way over to the in-laws' house to watch the Virginia Tech vs East Carolina University game. It was ugly (what the hell happened to our kicker?) but we did win. After that we ran some more errands (groceries, gas, bank, etc...)

Bright and early Sunday morning (and I'm talking EARLYearly), we drove to the airport. My husband had a business trip of sorts to Tucson, Arizona for two days. Once I said goodbye to him, I drove home and went back to bed for several hours (duh). I eventually got up and did some laundry, washed the dishes, and other stuff around the house before I drove to Starbucks and did some writing. Man, I love writing there. I think my hubby has the right of it--the caffeine in the air helps me concentrate. After that I went to my in-laws' house for sandwiches.

Monday morning rolled around, and I had such great plans. I wanted to go back to Starbucks and write for a few hours since the hubby wasn't here, but instead I got a concussion! I was playing with Powell when I bent down to grab the tennis ball at the same time that he jumped up, causing our heads to collide. I have bruising and some swelling, and it hurts A LOT. I ended up getting a wicked headache and some nausea, which threw off my entire day. It did eventually go away (thankfully), but I didn't accomplish a lot because of it. Later, I went out to dinner, then I went and picked up the hubby from the airport.

Phew, it was a lot of running around, but I think it went well (other than the whole concussion incident). The hubby took today off to recover from his whirlwind trip, so we're going to head to B&N (books, glorious books!) and then the movie theatre to see Riddick! =)

What did you guys do this weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had lots of fun until your run-in with Powell. Ouch!! I'm glad you two are okay.

    Enjoy the movie!

  2. Yep, it was good until the Powell incident.

    Thank you!


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