Friday, September 20

Writing Update


Typically I do a Links of the Week post on Fridays, but I didn't gather enough links this week to make it worth your while. Sorry! Next week for sure ;)

Instead, I've decided to do another writing update. Since last week, I've written 6424 words! I only wrote five of the eight days since my last post, (these figures do not include today) so I'm very happy with those numbers! I wanted to write every day of course, but sometimes life gets in the way. Not much you can do about that!

Except for one off day, I wrote over a 1000 words a day. In some cases, 1500 to 2000! My goal now is to write 1500 a day, with the hopes of 2000. I won't be bummed if I don't reach those, because no matter what I'm getting words out. They are a bit rough, but my plan is to write with abandon for a few days to get the scene down, then go back and tidy it up before sending it to my Alpha.

On top of that, I reached 50, 000 words on my story yesterday! I have a feeling I'm going to go over 100K, which is fine since I know I'm going to go back and cut stuff out. When I wrote Warrior Branded, I reached 110K before trimming it down to 102K. I have no problems cutting words out when they're not needed, but I don't like to do it before the story is finished. Once I'm in the editing stage, I can shift things around to see the pace, and then decide from there whether or not to keep certain passages.

For those of you wondering about my coffee shop sessions, they are going very well. I love driving out to Starbucks or the local coffee shop, Cups, to get my work done. No internet and no distractions. My word count reflects how well this approach works for me.

So what about you guys? How are your stories coming along? Any news? Do you like coffee shops for writing/working?


  1. Good job!

    I write at home. I don't think I could write anywhere else - even if there was a coffee shop or something nearby. Anything typed, I'm here at my desk. For handwritten stuff, I'm in the living room on my comfy recliner.

  2. You go, girl! I'm impressed and proud of your hard work. And I'm happy you found a great place to write without distractions. =)

  3. B.E.-- Thank you! Well, with your location now I doubt it's very easy to get to a coffee shop, LOL. I wish I had more of an outdoor space to write. I wrote my first novel outside in our tent trailer (I believe you guys call them pop up trailers).

    You don't use a laptop, right? Yours is a desktop computer?

  4. Jen-- Thanks, hun!!! You've helped tremendously =)


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