Thursday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

My mum drew these one year. Aren't they great?
Bonus points if you can name the Pixar characters and the movie!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! We got a costume for Powell (yep, we're those people), so hopefully I will have pictures to post for you next week! =)


  1. Your mom is good with a marker - I tried drawing a traditional jack o'lantern face on my pumpkin and it looks terrible!! Not.An.Artist.

    Happy Halloween, Natalie - looking forward to the pictures of Powell.

  2. I know both, but it's early so I won't ruin the fun. Your mom did an awesome job drawing them. Very cool.

    Happy Halloween, Nat! It's okay to be 'those people' as long as you post pics. ;o)

  3. Janet-- Yes, my mum is very good. She has drawn a lot of leaf bags for Halloween ;) She's also pretty good at painting (though she will say otherwise).

    Heheh, it's okay, I'm not an artist either.

    Thank you! I hope you have a Happy Halloween =)

  4. B.E.-- Heheh thank you ;) Mum's always been very visually artistic.

    Thanks, LOL! My hubby picked out the costume, but Powell does look pretty adorable.

  5. Wow, those are super cute! You're mum is quite talented.

    Happy Halloween!! I can't wait to see Powell in his costume. =D

  6. Jen-- I think so, too. She paints stuff for people for Christmas sometimes. I think they're adorable (and I could never do it lol). I'll have to post pictures of those closer to Christmas =)


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