Friday, October 18

Links of the Week

Book News & Writing:

--Dracula Official Trailer. Omg! I can't wait to see this. I've been told this doesn't work outside the USA, so here's the YouTube version:

--How To Critique Other Writers. I thought this post was interesting. Always something to keep in mind!

--Ten Things I Need To Tell You...About Dreams Coming True. I really liked this. Hopefully one day ;)

--Queen Voices Concern That Children May Desert Books For Technology. I do adore the Queen.

--Study: Read Romance, Be Sensitive. This doesn't really surprise me much at all.

--Neil Gaiman On Libraries. I really liked this article. He makes a lot of valid points.

--New Breed of Librarian Emerges. This is so cool! I always had interesting librarians in school and in our community, but this would have helped a bit.


--Archaeologists Further Knowledge of Palace of Sherwood Forest. Ahhhhh! You know I love my medieval history!


--Twenty-Six Must-Know Things From the Throne Speech. I don't normally post political things on here, but this is for my Canadian readers. I like how it breaks down the Governor-General's speech so we don't have to listen to it--I tried and I almost fell asleep after the first minute or so, LOL. I know, I know, that makes me a bad Canadian!


--Halloween House (video below). My husband showed this to me just yesterday. I always like the houses with bright lights (I'm a bit like a crow that way: "Oooo, shiny!"). Anyway, this is a song I frequently sing to / about Powell: "Girl look at my puppy, girl look at my puppy, girl look at my puppy. He works out.... He's sexy and he knows it." Yep, I know my age is starting to show.

Have a great weekend, everyone! =)


  1. I can't wait to see DRACULA!!! I ❤ Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  2. Jen-- I'm so excited! I wish we could watch at the same time so we could text about it =(


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