Tuesday, October 29

My Weekend: Football @ Virginia Tech!

This weekend was pretty busy for me, but it was lots of fun!

As some of you likely heard through Facebook and Twitter, I went to the Virginia Tech vs. Duke game on Saturday. It was my first college football game ever! I'd mentioned to my in-laws that I wanted to go to one at some point, so when the opportunity presented itself, they bought tickets for us! My mother-in-law couldn't go, so it was me, my husband, my father-in-law, and my uncle-in-law. Our seats were wonderful (right by the home locker room, near the south end zone on the west side). We were row eight! It was great.

Look how close we were!
Our seats!

Since game day can be quite hectic in Blacksburg, we left Roanoke around 10:30am and made our way to the interstate. We arrived around 11:15 and found a parking spot right by the drill field. We walked around campus (it's gorgeous there) and looked at the bookstore. We then walked downtown and found a great little hole in the wall bar, The Rivermill, for our lunch. We were all had big, juicy burgers with delicious fries (they had a wonderful seasoning on them). After that we headed back to the Jeep, grabbed our special stadium seats, then made our way to Lane Stadium for the big game!

This wasn't my first time to Tech, nor was it my first time in Lane Stadium, but I had to hear all about how awesome it was--again. Apparently it's one of the hardest stadiums to play in due to the noise of the crowd. I smiled and nodded, but didn't really take the boys seriously. Well, I must revise my earlier belief. When you get 65, 000 fans all jumping to Enter Sandman... Holy s*it buckets. It was crazy! I've never seen a better entrance from any sports team. And then, to top it off, the crowd was loud during the game. Due to the structure of the stadium, the sound was directed at the field. I've been in stadiums before, but I've never heard anything like it. It was AWESOME.

Unfortunately, the game itself wasn't the greatest. We lost 13-10. Since Duke isn't the best school, it was a bit sad. At the very least it should have been tied, but our kicker makes me angry, LOL. I also strongly dislike the quarterback. You know it's bad when this Canadian starts yelling at the screen (or, in this case, the field) when our QB makes a dumb decision (which seems to happen far too often).

Anyway, it was still a wonderful experience. After the game, we headed back home then went out for some dinner. We didn't get back in until after 10pm, but it was so much fun!! =)

It wasn't the warmest day (the wind was brutal),
but we stayed pretty warm with our long sleeves and gloves.

*I was too distracted to take pictures during the game, but luckily I did get a few in before it started to fill up!*

On Sunday we ran some errands and relaxed. We also brought Powell to play Frisbee, and we invited my in-laws over for some yummy stew that Christopher made.

All in all, a great weekend =)


  1. I didn't see the game, but when I saw that score I was all like 'What the... How did VT lose to Duke? How could anyone lose to Duke in football?' It was like the year Michigan lost to Appalachian State. Totally weird and uncalled for.

    So glad you had fun at the game, though. I've only ever been to one college ball game - Florida State - but they can be pretty wild. Next, you should try a pro game.

  2. That's what Regina stadium is like when the Saskatchewan Roughriders play (Canadian Football League), thus the saying "The thirteenth player"!!

    Sounds like you had an awesome day, Natalie :)

  3. B.E.-- I KNOW! Just last weekend we had been making fun of my brother-in-law's school (UVA) for losing to Duke. They had a 22-0 lead, then lost to Duke 35-22! It was insane! Now we don't look much better. At least UVA got 22 points, LOL.

    We had some really bad refs who didn't seem to notice when Duke did something against the rules. There were fights and such and they never called anything. I obviously wanted Tech to win, but these refs were on the opposite team, LOL. I don't know how they don't get fired for their obvious calls.

    You've only been to one game?! I thought you went to college for a bit? My hubby went to tons of Tech games while he was there.

    TBH, I'm not much into professional games...yet. I enjoy the college ones. That's probably due to the fact that my in-laws (and my husband) don't tend to watch the pro games. Of course they take part in the fantasy team and such, but when we get together to watch football, it's for college games. *shrugs*

  4. Janet-- LOL I know who the Roughriders are. I haven't been gone THAT long =P I haven't been to their stadium, but I have heard it's great.

    I did! It was lots of fun, and I liked getting to have this American college experience. =)

  5. I went to college for 4 years and never attended a sporting event, Nat. To be honest, I wasn't that interested - especially with sitting in an open air stadium on the sunny shores of Lake Superior watching a team that pretty much never wins anyway. Hockey was the big sport up there and I'm not a hockey fan.

  6. B.E.-- *gasps* You don't like hockey? I don't think we can be friends anymore! ;)

    Hehe, just kidding.

  7. What fun! Well, except for that score. But at least you got to experience your first college game sitting in those awesome seats.

    The stadium noise sounds equal to the 12th Man at our CenturyLink Field. This year Hawk fans set the Guinness World Record for crowd noise. I've been to a few games at the stadium, and the roar of the crowd makes the atmosphere electric. =)

  8. Jen-- Yeah, it was a lot of fun =) A bit cold, but it was worth it.

    That's cool =)


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