Monday, October 21

My Weekend!

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't been very talkative recently. I'm still fighting off my cold, and I've been busy writing my story.

Last weekend we ended up hanging around the house a lot. We watched movies, went out for food a few times (which sucked cause I couldn't taste, but it was better than trying to come up with something to make), and we lazed around.

Biscuits, fried ham, turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy,
and mustard carrots. Yummy!
This weekend was much the same, but a bit more productive. On Friday I had my husband's cousin over for a few hours (she had the day off). We watched THE PATRIOT while she did calculus. Aside from the math work (which I thankfully took no part in), it was fun =)

I also got my sense of taste and smell back finally, so I made our Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't go big or extravagant (there's only two of us, after all), but I did enough to count.

On Saturday we slept in, then we drove up to Granny & Pawpaw's for the afternoon. We hung out for a few hours, then had dinner with everyone for Granny's birthday. It was lots of fun =) Afterwards we drove home.

Butter tarts! They are a Canadian
dessert, very similar to pecan pie,
but without the pecans ;)
Sunday we spent a lazy day reading, playing games, and watching TV. I did do some laundry and I made butter tarts.

What did you guys do this weekend? I hope you had fun!


  1. Yay for your smell and taste returning! I hate that part of having a cold. (Well, I hate all parts of having a cold, but that's particularly annoying.) Sounds like an awesome and restful weekend for you.

    I did yardwork and housework yesterday, and read a lot while watching football. Saturday was pretty much reading and football. =o)

  2. B.E.-- Yes! Finally! Almost two weeks of not being able to taste or smell anything. It was torture!

    Your weekend sounds nice and relaxing =)

  3. So happy to hear your smell and taste has returned. Your Thanksgiving meal looks de-lish...especially those butter tarts!

    Relaxing Sundays are the best. =)

  4. Jen-- Yes, I'm very glad it's back. It was rough not having any sense of taste.

    I agree. I love lazy Sundays =)


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