Friday, November 8

Links of the Week

Okay, there are a lot of links this week, so let's get right to it!

Book News & Writing

--Most Famous Book Set in Every State. I'm happy to say I've read most of these!

--5 Habits of Motivated Novelists. This is geared more towards those taking part in NaNo this month =)

--Writing a First Draft. I really liked this article. People participating in NaNo will likely also appreciate the suggestions.

--JK Rowling: 'I was as poor as it's possible to be.' As if I needed another reason to worship the ground this woman walks on.

--The Frankenstein Notebooks. My husband showed this to me the other day. Isn't it neat?

--9 Ways to Write Smarter, Not Harder. I really liked this!

--Are You Making Time to Write or Wasting It? *whistles and backs out of the room*

--23 Famous Authors' Last Words. Who knows if these are real, but they're certainly entertaining.

--How to Write a Book Synopsis. Helpful.

--Five Lessons I've Learned From Working in Publishing. Another good article.

--Peter Jackson Unleashes New Song For The Hobbit. I actually really like it. It's not as good as Into the West or May it Be, but it's very nice =)


--Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State. I found this interesting. I know people named Jennifer, Jessica, Ashley, and Emily who were born in those years. I also know a lot of Hannah's, Brittany's, and Ava's born in their popular years.

--The Least Popular American Baby Names (From 1880 to 1932). Ahhh, I loved these!

--55 Things Only '90s Teenage Girls Can Understand. It's sad that I'm putting this under "history" but it is, if you think about it (which I'm guessing most of you won't want to, LOL).

--Mystery of King Tutankhamun's Dead Solved After More Than 3000 Years. Hmmm, interesting. I'd be curious to see what other anthropologists and archaeologists have to say about this.

Politics & Social Commentary

--Photographer Puts Two Strangers Together For Intimate Photographs. I'm a bit meh about this the longer I think about it. The pictures themselves show how awkward they feel, in my opinion, but I do find it interesting that they felt closer to the other person afterwards. Then again, wouldn't anyone feel closer to someone they spent five minutes with rather than passing them on the street? Basic human nature.

--Those People. This article gives a very interesting look at what it's like to be those people.

--Movie Shows Photoshop "Body Retouching" Taken to the Extreme. This is shocking. Quite frankly, I thought she looked better without all of that makeup and fake hair.

--A Catalog That Believes Reality Can Sell Clothes Better Than Photoshop. Amen! When I was planning my wedding (and all of the events associated with the big day), I really wanted to see what some of the dresses were going to look like on real people. I had to pick out bridesmaid dresses for people with completely different body types, heights, and skin tones! Heck, I was terrified my wedding dress wasn't going to look right on me, but it all worked out.


--The 23 Most Wonderfully Scottish Things That Have Ever Happened. LOL!

--The Proposal Seen All Over The Web. Okay, it's a bit long, but seriously, it's worth it. This guy gets top points. I didn't think I would cry, but by the end I was blubbering like a baby.

--The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World. Breathtaking.

--QUIZ: Modern Art or Children's Drawings? I loathe modern art with a passion, so I didn't do very well here. All of my favorites were done by children (go figure).

--Creative Mom Turns Her Baby's Naptime Into Dream Adventures. Very cute! This baby is quite accepting, LOL. Also, I think this mom might have too much time on her hands.

--16 Reasons to Root Against the Evil Canadians at the Winter Olympics. This made me laugh so hard. I do agree with numbers 11 and 16, but the rest are just hilarious. I'm a bit anxious to see how being a Canadian in the USA during the winter Olympics is going to go. (Bring it, 'Murica).

--10 Amazing Things Kids Have Said About Past Lives.  I'm not looking to get into a philosophical discussion on here. I think these are pretty neat. I don't believe a few of them, but that's okay =)

--These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mom. Very touching =) What's sad to me is that these children and their parents clearly don't talk enough about their emotions and feelings. It shouldn't come as a shock to hear your child thinks you're awesome. Just my two cents.

--39 of the Most Powerful Images Ever. Warning, some of them are disturbing and sad. I still think it's worth taking a look at, however, I just wanted to let everyone know.

--Realistic Disney Characters. Love these! My least favorite is the last one.

--Watch a Teenager Bring His Class to Tears. These are good tears.

--13 Southern Sayings. Yep, and I live here. "Bless your heart" is VERY common. Everyone says it. Sadly, I've picked it up. *grumbles*

--Sleeping Stranger On Subway. I love this. It's also really sad that the guy mispronounced yarmulke. Seriously? Way to prove how sad our society has become.


--This Awesome Dad 3D Printed a Prosthetic Hand For His Son. This is also courtesy of my husband. Isn't this so cool?


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