Friday, November 15

Links of the Week

Books & Writing:

--14 Ways to Tick Off a Writer. Loved these!

--13 Examples of Bad Sex in Literature. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

--Being a Writer: Expectations vs. Reality. So true.

--Common Problems With Beginnings.


--That Moment When You Realize... Hahaha, I love this!


--Pregnant in Auschwitz. This was a good article. I really enjoy hearing these sort of positive stories during such a terrible point in history.

Politics & Social Commentary:

--What Should Have Been a Heartwarming Kiss on a Skating Rink Has Never Been More Chilling. This is a wonderful, poignant video. Worth watching.


--Mother Hearts Daughter's Heart Beat One Last Time. This is a very sad article so be aware. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. It is also beautiful, though, and worth watching in the right mood.

--24 Photos You Need to Really Look at to Understand. These are great =)

--Waitress Who Paid for Customers' Lunch Gets Surprise of Her Life. I adore Ellen.

--20 Weird Photos of Couples That Defy All Logic. This is so creepy.

--The 25 Most Awkward Dad Pictures Ever. LOL!


--The First Flying Car is Finally Here. How cool is that? Love it!

--Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet.  WTF? This is insane!!!!!!

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