Friday, November 22

Links of the Week

Books & Writing:

--Sometimes The 'Tough Teen' Is Quietly Writing Stories. This piece was sad, but true.

--A Look At the Book Business From Inside. I thought this was interesting. He can't really complain about anything though, because he was a big wig pretty much from the start (at least from the start of this article).

--12 Mistakes About Grammar. I thought this was interesting--and true!


--Five Pharaonic Statue Heads Found in Egypt. I'd be more alarmed/curious if they found these heads outside of Egypt. (Sorry, still tired this morning).

--Ancient City Discovered by Treasure Hunters. This is very cool!

Politics & Social Commentary:

--This Beautiful Short Film Shows Exactly What it is to be a Stay-At-Home Mom. Lovely.


--The City Turned Itself Into Gotham and Everything You Need To Know About Batkid. A lot of you have probably already seen this, but I thought I'd post it anyway. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

--Naked Dance-- Sweden's Got Talent. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I bet their mothers are so proud.

--Portraits of Unrelated Doppelgangers. Some of these work and some don't. Either way, very cool.

--30 Hilarious Street Posters. These are wonderful.

--These People Recreated Their Childhood Photos. Perfect. I just got inspiration for a wonderful gift. My cousins and I have some pretty amusing pictures from our past...

--Mom Photographed Toddler & Puppy. OMG THAT'S SO ADORABLE!

--While Their Kids Sleep, These Parents Pull Off Amazing Stunts. Damn right. Kids should have a childhood and they should have the freedom to imagine and dream. How can they do that if you don't help them explore new possibilities? Parents who deny their kids Santa or the Tooth Fairy because they "don't want to lie" to their children are dumb, IMO. I'm not talking about religious reasons, I'm talking about parents who simply don't want to encourage their children to believe in stuff like that. My response: What, you don't want your kids to have an imagination? Fun? A CHILDHOOD? You aren't worrying about lying to your children--you just want to take the credit for yourself. Part of being a parent is showing children the difference between a good lie (Santa) and a bad one. Its your job to prepare them for the outside world. If they have never been lied to, good or bad, how will they know the difference? End rant.

--17 Hilarious Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong. Omg, these are wonderful.

--The Happiest Penguin Ever. I feel like this most days. Everyone else is staring at me while I dance around in my own little world.

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