Thursday, November 7

My Turtle

Everyone, I would like you to meet my turtle, also known as He Who is Giant and Slow-Moving and Frightens Small Kittens, also known as Herbert (because I said so), more commonly known as my WIP, A Highlander's Ransom.

Herbert the Turtle was conceived yesterday during a conversation with my CP, Jena Lang. I posted it on Facebook, but for those who did not see it, here it is:
Jen: How's your writing coming along?
Me: My story is crawling. It might literally be slower than a turtle. Like, if you got a turtle to carry some bricks, that'd be my story.
Jen: LOL. My story is the brick being carried by your turtle.
Me: LOL!
So as you can see, Herbert and I are not having the best time of it. We are slowly trudging along, but I would rather pick him up and punt kick him into the middle of next week. Since that would hurt both myself and Herbert, I have decided to work with my rock-like turtle, even though he moves so slowly moss has grown on his shell.

From here on out, Herbert and I are at war against Time. It's me and my turtle against the world.

We're so screwed.


  1. LOL! I think you may be with B.E. in that asylum, Natalie. Who'll bring us cookies???

  2. Janet-- *gasps* I say! I'm not insane!

    *snorts* Okay, I couldn't keep that up. This is what happens when I'm online before 10 am.

    As for the cookies, I have my sources.

  3. Hahahahahaha.

    Get those little legs moving, Herbert. Come on! You can do it!! Slow and steady and all that...

  4. Jen- He's trying, he's trying. We worked all day and he managed to get a bit of distance (but not much). It's definitely a marathon.

  5. You need to light a fire under Herbert's butt. Kick that turtle into gear. Strap a rocket to his shell and light the fuse.

    And yes, we will all have cookies in the nuthouse - even if we have to draw them ourselves. ;o)

  6. B.E.-- LOL now all I can see is a turtle flying through the air with a rocket strapped to his poor shell.

    Hehehehe ;)


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