Tuesday, November 5

Writing Update

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

My writing productivity over the past week (or two) has been laughable. My schedule is already shot (I told you it was crazy and impossible) and I'm sick of it.

Enough is enough. Time to buckle down and get to work.


  1. I had an easier time getting those damn cartons open when I was a kid. Those things suck and I'm so glad technology made it possible for those things to finally have a side spout now. Doesn't have a side spout - I ain't buying it. So there. =op

    heh... maybe I still need an adult around, just to keep me from going totally immature. ;o)

    Sorry your schedule is shot. :hugs:

  2. I KNOW! Those milk cartons were terrible. And so are those juice boxes. 9 times out of 10 had to viciously stab the straw in, which always ended with me covered in juice.

    We just buy the plastic milk jugs now. So much easier.

    LOL it's okay to be a bit immature ;) Makes life more entertaining.


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