Wednesday, December 4

Informal Hiatus

Hello everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed, my blog posts have drastically slowed down over the past few weeks. November was a terrible month for me, so I simply wasn't in the mood to come up with anything. Now, however, I'm so busy that I don't have the time. I'm trying to shake off last month's blahs while also balancing a full holiday season. Talk about busy!

Due to this, I'm taking an informal break from the blog from now until the end of the year. I will probably post here and there, but this way I don't have to stick to a strict schedule. I'm trying to dive back into writing while keeping up my workout schedule, as well as everything else in my hectic life. Those things come first right now.

I hope you all have a wonderful month!



  1. Sorry you had such a terrible November, and that your December will be crazy busy. :hugs: Take whatever time you need. And we'll see ya when we see ya. =o)

  2. You and me both happy to see the end of November - here's to December and a much better month, Natalie :)

    I'll be watching for your return!!

    FYI - you're doing awesome with your workouts!!

  3. Post when the urge strikes. There's no reason to stress out over a strict blog schedule.

    Goodbye blahs, hello holiday cheer!

  4. B.E.-- Thanks, hun =) December is always pretty busy around here (for obvious reasons lol).

  5. Janet-- Yep, I'm glad its December now. Bring on the twinkly lights, shiny presents, good food, and busy weeks!

    Aww, thank you! I'm trying lol.

  6. Jen-- Yep, I agree. I just thought I should post something so that everyone knew what was going on =)



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