Tuesday, February 4

This is how I've been feeling recently...

For multiple reasons, I feel like I'm just twisting uselessly at the air while pretending to do something productive as the captain walks by. At least I'm wearing a yellow shirt.

1). Mum as my captain: My parents arrive in 8 sleeps (holy crap, that's so soon! Eeeee!), so I'm anxious to prepare the house. Not that it's messy or anything, but I'm excited and I want to have everything just right for when they get here. Unfortunately, it's still too far out to really do much, so I'm just going through the motions until next week.

2). Mum as my captain... again: I've been struggling with my story a lot this past month, which has caused some of my family members great annoyance. Now that she's arriving with her well-practiced mother glare, I won't be able to escape. At least when she's across the continent I don't have to see her disapproval, just hear it (and imagine it), LOL. I hope she can kick some sense into me, without actually having to kick me.

3). My husband as my captain: Similar to the point above, my hubby has had to deal with my crazy behavior and constant whining about this and that. I feel like I need to have something to show him when he gets home from work. When I have a bad day, sometimes I end up just going through the motions. "Quick, do something productive!" *twist, twist, twist* "There, that ought to do it. He'll never suspect a thing, muah hahahaha!"

Ahem. Not that this has ever happened before. Ever. Nope.

So, do you ever feel like you're twisting a fake valve to look like you're doing something productive, when in fact you're just twisting your arms in the air against a wall?


  1. OK - that Star Trek video is hilarious! They really did have a low budget, didn't they??? LOL

    Yes to the twisting at air - sometimes, I feel like I do that every.day. My only advice - BREATHE! Then set a timer for 10 minutes and do something productive (write, dust, make a list) - it often makes me feel better and I tend to shake myself out of the 'twisting at air' mood!

    So excited for you about your parents coming :)

    1. Every time I see this picture, I snicker. It's like they told the guy to just look busy, so he improvised, lol!

      I am a lover of lists. I have many going at once, so that's not a concern. My organization isn't the issue, sadly. It's just me. A lot has been going on, so I've let my writing slide. I'm my own worst enemy (aren't we all?)

      Thank you! I'm very excited too. I haven't seen them since August!

  2. Love me some Star Trek. Happy to hear you're in yellow. LOL.

    Your mum can't arrive in the U.S. fast enough. She *will* kick some sense into you and remind you what I already know: Your story is wonderful. So stop stressing!

    We *will* finish our second drafts very soon. We will! *crosses heart* Sometimes it does feel like I'm twisting in the wind. I'm sure every writer has felt that way at some point. No matter what, we need to keep plotting, brainstorming, researching, and writing.

    The visit with your folks will be a nice break for you. Have fun!

    1. Me too! I know, right? I would never make it as a red shirt.

      Thank you, hun! I'm already feeling more inspired =)

      Yep, I agree! We can do it!


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