Tuesday, March 4

Accountability: Part Two

Recap: My goal was 8862 words in 7 days, which comes to 1266 a day. You can find the original post here.

I also must make an amendment to my last post. I really should have posted a picture or video from the movie, Galaxy Quest. The entire time I wrote the post I had their "Weeee need your help," stuck in my head, but for some reason I never considered adding that to the post. Oh well, here it is now.

Last Week's Numbers

From February 25th to March 3rd (7 days) I wrote: 4862 words
Average Daily Word Count: 695 words


Okay, so as you can see from my numbers above, I did not make my weekly goal. I'm a bit bummed about that, but I am proud of myself for writing every single day. I knew this first week was going to be very difficult for me (and my family!), mainly because I needed to get back into the mindset of writing every day. I had distanced myself from the story, which made it more difficult to dive back in. Now, however, I am pleased to say that I'm right in there. When I have any amount of downtime, my story is up and I'm working on it. I was doing okay the first few days, then I had some sort of stomach flu and slept the majority of Thursday. Unfortunately, that threw me off mentally and I wasn't able to recover. Now that I know where my weaknesses are, hopefully I will be more prepared next time.

Story Details:

Regardless of my word count, I did finish an entire chapter and get a very healthy start on a second. I am quite pleased with that! I am hoping to finish that chapter today and start on the next one.

I also reworked my plot and fiddled with a few future scenes to make sure the overall arc worked well. I feel more confident with where I'm going. I've also come to the conclusion that I'm going to go over 100, 000 words, but I'm not sure how much over. It is driving me a bit insane to not go back and start cutting some of the scenes/words I already know I'm going to cut, but I promised myself I would finish this draft before I start editing more.

This Week's Goals

Well, since I didn't meet last week's goals, that ups the numbers for this week. It is a vicious, vicious cycle. Luckily, I'm insane enough to keep at it!

Daily Goal: 1408 words
Weekly Goal: 9859 words

Still completely doable. I don't have as many family obligations this week as I did last week, so I should be able to stay on track a bit more. As well, I already have two trips to Starbucks set aside, so that will help encourage me to write more.

We have also hopefully (*crossing all fingers and toes*) found our beach house for our Outer Banks trip in August, which will remove a HUGE distraction from my list. We should know tonight whether or not we can go ahead and book it.

So there you have it. I have 28 days left to finish this sucker. I hope I can do it!

*Also, I am totally trying out GIFs in this blog post. So many of my friends are using them now, and they always make me snicker. What do you think?*


  1. Love the GIFs (especially the one you posted from Star Trek the other week). I.Will.Not.Google.How.To.Do.It.

    OK - good job on that word count - don't beat yourself up, you wrote every day creating the HABIT! Once you have that in your back pocket, then you can pick up the word count (that's what I find with exercise anyway). Good job, Natalie.

    And your proposed word count is doable. Get to it, girl!! Good luck!!!

    1. LOL! I love that one too. It makes me laugh every time I see it. GIFs are insanely easy to do, Janet. All you have to do is find one online and save it, then add it to your blog post like you would a picture. Easy peasy! ;)

      Thank you! Yes, that's what I'm trying to take away from this. I am creating the habit and I am striving to form a routine. Hopefully I will be able to keep it up!

      Either way, I'm happy with new words. I want to be finished by April 1st (AND I WILL BE) but even if I somehow miss that deadline, I'll be a lot closer.

      Thank you! I'm going to need it!!!!!

  2. Good job! You're making great progress.I'm SO proud of you!! Keep writing. You got this!

    I love the GIFs!!

    1. Thank you, hun! That means a lot coming from you!!!!!

      Heheheh, you were one of the people doing GIFs. I've dabbled with them in the past, but I always struggle to find ones I love. Some of my favorite blogs use them now, though, so that decided it for me. =)

    2. Awww, thanks! =D

      LOL, yes. I'm obsessed with GIFs, thanks in part to Jennifer L. Armentrout. I love your Galaxy Quest clip, btw. That movie cracks me up.

    3. Keep at it girl; you're doing very good. :)
      Annie (aka Kelly Ann Scott)

    4. Jen-- YES! She has the best blog posts with GIFs. She's also why I wanted to start. I just adore her sense of humor.

      Hehe, I love that movie too. We need to get our own copy one day--my parents kept it when I moved out (I suppose that's only fair, since it is theirs *sighs*).

    5. Annie-- Thank you!!!! I'm working hard. =)

  3. Natalie...I live in Lynchburg. We're practically neighbors. LOL My agent lives in Lynchburg, too. Okay, moving onto writing. You did so well last week. I think it unreasonable to expect to reach your goals right away. I takes us a while to get into the swing of things. The important things are you wrote every day, revamped some things and got a stronger grasp of where you're going. Yay you! That's a big deal....and will serve well to help you finish the story.

    I'm doing something new this year. I'm writing books contracted on 4 paragraph proposals. I have 4 I must turn into HarperImpulse and 1 to Loveswept at Random House. Yup I have 5 books to write by Christmas...yikes! Next year will be a little easier...a little. The word count they want ranges 80-85,000 words. And I'm trying hard not to dwell on my calendar.

    You can do this. Starting is always the hard part. Once done, you just keep plowing onward. Put on blinders and write only what moves the story forward.

    1. Yep, I knew you were in Lynchburg. We'd once discussed the merits of a face-to-face group, but lamented the fact that there were none in our area. =)

      Aww, thank you! I agree completely. I knew the first week was going to be rough, mainly because I needed to warm up first. I used to be very good at writing all the time, especially in my university years, but after moving across the continent to a new country and getting married, I let my good habits slip. Oh well. I'm hoping now that I'm in the swing of things again, it'll be easier. We shall have to wait and see!

      That's crazy! How are you doing on your schedule so far? I really think Celtic Hearts should have a program discussing actual deadlines for writers. My CP (Jena Lang) and I have talked about how beneficial a mentor program would be, just to hold us accountable and teach us good habits to maintain.

      Thank you! Right now I am just going to write every scene as I see it. It will be very easy to go back and cut/edit words out. I'm good at being ruthless when the occasion calls for it =D

  4. You can do it! Writing every day is hard, but you're doing it. That's the first step. Then increasing your output should follow right along naturally. (Not that I have any room to talk right now.)

    1. Thank you!!!! Yes, it is very hard, but it can be so rewarding at the end of the day. =)


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