Thursday, March 6

Exercise Update

Since I'm trying to hold myself more accountable for my writing, I figure I should do the same with my exercise regimen. For the same reasons I stopped writing, I also stopped counting points and exercising.

It was mainly due to the holiday season (it seemed my Christmas motto was EAT ALL THE COOKIES!!!)


Luckily, I didn't really gain any weight (up three one week, down again the next), but I didn't lose any either.

In any case, it is time to get back to it. I started last week (just like with my writing) and I did pretty darn well! Here are my numbers:

From February 25th to March 5th (9 days): I exercised 7 of those days
Miles: 12.65 miles
Fastest Pace: 6:18
Weight Loss: On Monday I was down 2.7 pounds.


Days I missed: Friday, Saturday, and partially Tuesday

--I do my weekly house cleaning on Fridays, which tire out my arms. For that reason, I don't exercise on those days, so I don't actually count that as a missed day.

--I do, however, count Saturday as a miss. I wrote most of the day and lost track of time, so I had to rush to get ready to go to my in-laws' house for dinner. It was my own fault, but I can't be too upset since I was writing.

--And finally, on Tuesday I didn't do a full workout due to arm pain, but I did do my stretches and I did crunches. Not a full workout, but I did enough to get my heart rate up.

I've never made this exercise schedule about weight loss. Although I do keep track, and I do want to lose weight, I'm trying to focus on being healthier overall. It just so happens that losing weight is an easy way to analyze my progress.

So there you have it. I hope I have excellent numbers next week as well =)

Goals For Next Week

--I'm hoping to work out for longer, which will also increase my mile count.

--I also hope to exercise every day (except for my usual Fridays, obviously).


  1. Cleaning is exercising. I just looked it up on my old calorie counter and I burn 258 calories an hour doing moderate cleaning. So there. You did exercise on Friday!

    Keep up the good work, Nat. You can do this. =o)

    1. Yes, I agree. I just don't have numbers for it, so I don't count it as exercising. It's okay, it makes me feel like I get a day off (even though I'm exhausted from scrubbing the walls and vacuuming, LOL!)

      Thank you!!! =)

  2. WTG! Losing weight is the best bonus of exercising regularly. As always, I'm inspired by your dedication.

    1. I agree! I mean, I need to lose weight, but that wasn't my end goal. I just want to be healthier. =)

      Aww, thank you hun <3 xo


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