Wednesday, October 1

Writing Update

It has been a shockingly long time since I've done one of these, so I'm just going to jump right on in.

Despite my best intentions, I wasn't very productive this summer. I'm afraid a did a lot of this:

And this...

And some of this...

I also did a lot of throwing up, but I didn't think a GIF of that would go over well ;)

Needless to say, I'm pretty upset with myself. My only saving grace is the fact that it's not my fault. Baby has decided Mommy needs to slow down big time. I am almost always exhausted, and this first trimester has done a number on my body. It is hard to write, edit, or focus on anything when your body demands sleep, with the occasional visit to the porcelain throne. It took me a long time to accept that I shouldn't blame myself.

I feel a bit like the baby is doing this to me already, demanding my attention:

In any case, I did get some work done. The first 105 pages of my story have been through my Alpha, my CP, and now two beta readers, which means it is completely done. All of them adore it, which makes me so happy. I have been told on numerous occasions that this story is going to be The One!

As for the editing front, I am currently stuck on Chapter 11. I have moved on and worked on 7 other chapters so I'm doing something, but I'm afraid I'll need to return to the dreaded chapter eventually (probably sometime this week). I think if I don't, my CP might harm me in some fashion.

I'm not going to post any guesses on when I'll be done this sucker. I wanted to be done a very long time ago. I should have been done a very long time ago, but writing is a fickle mistress. And with so much going on in my life, I can't begin to fathom when I'll finish. I will say that I am so close it hurts.

I'm hoping to do a weekly update as I work again. We'll see if that happens, but my intentions are good!

How are your stories coming along?


  1. Hey, being pregnant is a lot of work. Get your stuff done when you can. I'm sure your CPs understand.

    Right now, I'm reading through one of my manuscripts, looking for errors and flaws and plot smudges. I's got another manuscript out with a reader who's looking for typos and gaffs. And I've done a little submitting. Other than that, I'm waiting for November so I can write some new words again.

    1. Yes it is! Jen (my CP) is very understanding, but I know I must be driving her a bit crazy ;) Heck, I'm driving ME crazy, heheeh.

      Awesome job, Beth =) Hopefully something good will come your way soon! Why are you waiting until November to write new words??

  2. Cut yourself some slack, girl! You have a VERY good reason why you're behind schedule. Write when you can. That's all you can do.

    LOL. Yes, you're only driving me a wee bit crazy. Only because I can't read anymore until you finish Chapter 11. And I want to read more!!!

    1. I know, I know. That's one of my biggest flaws. I blame myself for too much, even when it's out of my control. I'm trying to work on it =/

      Thank you for being so understanding. I am trying to work hard for you =) Haha I know. I need to tackle that chapter. Sadly, I didn't get any writing done today because of baking taking so long, but hopefully tomorrow!


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