Tuesday, February 25

Accountability: I Need Your Help

Okay, it is time for me to be brutally honest with you guys.

I'm not finishing my work. I'm not doing what needs to be done, and I'm sick and tired of it.

Enough is enough. I always have some reason why I can't write. November and December were insanely busy between deaths in the family, illnesses, birthdays, events, and holidays. January was emotionally draining for numerous reasons, and February has been short, but busy. 

I'm not denying that there is truth to my excuses. The past three months have been crazy. I'm not being hard on myself--I'm being honest. In fact, the next three months are going to be crazy, too. But that excuse no longer works with regards to my writing. I don't have children yet, so it stands to reason that my life will get even busier once I do. What then? Do I give up writing altogether? No, I don't think so. What happens when I have publisher deadlines to meet? I work well under pressure, but that doesn't mean I want my life to turn into a giant ball of stress. I need to figure this out now, before my life becomes more complicated.

So let's look at my writing history a bit. I wrote the majority of Warrior Branded--76, 839 words, to be exact--in two months. That averages out to 1260 words a day for those particular months. When you look at the daily count, it's nothing. The difference is in the fact that I wrote every single day (even if some days weren't as high as others). I was on a roll. I had a strict deadline, and I was going to meet it or die trying.

I need that drive back. I miss it.

Clearly what I've been doing with AHR up to this point has not worked, so I think it is time to involve you guys. My husband and my mother hold me accountable, but I'm pretty good at charming them into compliance (but shh, don't tell them I said that!) You guys, on the other hand, won't be so easy to sway (mainly because I can't bat my lashes at you *winks*).

So here is my goal for the second draft of A Highlander's Ransom. I will be finished by April 1st (and no, it won't be an April Fool's joke...I hope). I can only make loose deadlines after that, since it will depend on my Alpha, CP, and how much work I have to do after they get their hands on it. Once I'm finished, I will post my goals for the next step (hopefully I'll have a better idea by then).

Although I'm at the point in the story where word count isn't important--it's all about getting the important scenes down--I need some way to track my progress for you guys, so here are my figures as they stand right now:

Current Completed Word Count: 55, 702 words
Approximate Length: 100, 000 words

Some of you are probably scratching your heads at my word count. I do have more words than that, obviously, but they are bits and pieces of incomplete scenes, or they are merely notes. Counting only completed chapters, I have 55, 702 words.

Assuming my story hits 100, 000 words (it could be more, but I doubt it will be less), I have 44, 298 to go. With April 1st as my goal, I have exactly 35 days (including today) to reach the finish line. That comes to 1266 words a day, only 6 more a day from my Warrior Branded marathon. I know I can do that, since I've done it before.

I will post weekly updates on Wednesdays to show you guys where I'm at. Hopefully I will have added close to 9000 words when we meet here again.

Wish me luck; I'm going to need it.

*EDIT: I will post on Tuesdays, since that will be one week since I started this endeavor*

Monday, February 10

Herbert Update

I will finish this story!

In the meantime, everyone should check out my writing page. I've done a bit of work on it over the past few weeks. It isn't finished quite yet (priorities, people!), but I thought I'd point it out anyway =)

Friday, February 7

GO CANADA GO!!!!!!!!!!!

IT'S TIME!!!!!!!! The Winter Olympics are back, baby!

Now, if you've read my blog for a while, you know that I am a very patriotic person. I am Canadian, and for a long time it bothered me to move to the USA. Not because I have anything against this country, but because I loved my own country so much. I didn't want to leave Canada, and I most certainly did not want to give up my citizenship (luckily, I won't have to for another few years). In the end, I love both countries for different reasons. But when it comes time for the Olympics, I am Canadian all the way. This will be my first time out of the country during the games so I'm curious to see how it's going to go. Luckily, my parents will be here for part of it, so I will have some support ;)

On a more serious note, I know a lot of people are boycotting the games due to Russia's social policies. I don't discuss my own personal beliefs on this blog (for obvious reasons), but I think this is important and should be said: I believe in equal rights for all, regardless of your skin color or sexual preference. What Russia is doing is wrong, and I hope the Olympic Committee looks into their future sites with greater care from here on out. 

On the other hand, I support my fellow Canadians, and my fellow humans! We are united together. We are stronger together. Do I think Canada or the USA should have backed out of the Olympics to show support to our gay and lesbian athletes? No. It wouldn't have changed a damn thing, and it would have deprived our athletes of the chance to show how wonderful they are. It would have deprived our countries of showing how awesome we are. Plus, how else can you showcase the issues in Russia if you don't have people over there?

On top of that, being gay is barely legal here in the USA. Think of how many States still do not allow gay marriage. Although people aren't being arrested and tortured for their sexual preferences, they aren't allowed the same rights as everyone else. Before people try to correct Russian policies, perhaps the USA should focus on their home turf for once. 

But, I digress. I say we go over there and KICK SOME RUSSIAN ASS!!!!! Show them what a free country looks like, baby!

And now, because I can't help myself, Canadian videos!


Tuesday, February 4

This is how I've been feeling recently...

For multiple reasons, I feel like I'm just twisting uselessly at the air while pretending to do something productive as the captain walks by. At least I'm wearing a yellow shirt.

1). Mum as my captain: My parents arrive in 8 sleeps (holy crap, that's so soon! Eeeee!), so I'm anxious to prepare the house. Not that it's messy or anything, but I'm excited and I want to have everything just right for when they get here. Unfortunately, it's still too far out to really do much, so I'm just going through the motions until next week.

2). Mum as my captain... again: I've been struggling with my story a lot this past month, which has caused some of my family members great annoyance. Now that she's arriving with her well-practiced mother glare, I won't be able to escape. At least when she's across the continent I don't have to see her disapproval, just hear it (and imagine it), LOL. I hope she can kick some sense into me, without actually having to kick me.

3). My husband as my captain: Similar to the point above, my hubby has had to deal with my crazy behavior and constant whining about this and that. I feel like I need to have something to show him when he gets home from work. When I have a bad day, sometimes I end up just going through the motions. "Quick, do something productive!" *twist, twist, twist* "There, that ought to do it. He'll never suspect a thing, muah hahahaha!"

Ahem. Not that this has ever happened before. Ever. Nope.

So, do you ever feel like you're twisting a fake valve to look like you're doing something productive, when in fact you're just twisting your arms in the air against a wall?
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