Wednesday, November 26

Write, write, write!

I've had another very busy week, but I'm thriving on all of my progress!

This weekend was packed with family events, so I didn't get much writing done. I'm not upset about it, though. Weekends are going to be my weak spots until the holiday season is over. Since I'm spending time with family, I can't really complain *winks* I might need to do this to get through it all though...

Just kidding. Or maybe not. I am a pregnant woman after all...

On the writing front, I received critiques back on Chapters 15 and 16. Luckily, my CP loved both chapters, so I'm very happy. There were barely any changes needed =)

Between Monday and Tuesday I also edited Chapters 20, 21, and 22. I'm still finishing up edits on Chapter 19 (I had to add a bunch of dialogue), but I should be done sometime today. That means my CP will have another four chapters in her inbox before American Thanksgiving! It has been a long time since I stayed ahead of her in terms of edits, so I'm thrilled.

Finally, after far too long, this story is moving along at a nice pace. I hope I can keep it up through the holidays. Things tend to get crazy around here, but I will persevere! I just hope I don't get stuck in a crazy loop of baking, events, and sleep.

Monday, November 24

Gender Reveal

Hmm, what will it be? Blue or pink?

 Powell wants to know what the inside of the cupcake will be! Blue or pink!

Surprise! We are having a little baby girl =) She's due April 6th, 2015

Thursday, November 20

Busy Week!

I have been busy-busy over the past week, so I'm just going to dive on in and tell you what I've been doing.

After receiving revisions back from my CP on Chapter 14, I went straight to work and finished those quickly (I didn't need to change much, thankfully). Once those revisions were done, I finished writing the second half of Chapter 15 and sent that to my CP.

To top it off, I also edited Chapter 16, 17, and 18.

My poor CP now has 35+ pages to critique for me, but I'm happy with my progress.

On a personal note, I also decorated the house and worked on baby stuff. We found out the gender on Wednesday, so we've been fielding a lot of questions from family and friends. Don't worry, I'll announce it here soon enough ;)  And then, as if that wasn't enough already, we also have birthday dinners, plays, and holiday functions to attend! The crazy season has most definitely begun for us.

What about you? Did you have a productive week? What did you do?

Thursday, November 13

Writing Update

This week has been another productive one for me, so I'm thrilled. Actually, I figured out the other day that over a third of my novel has been edited, revised, and line edited now! Woohoo!
I finished chapters 13 and 14, then sent them to Jen. She was able to critique the first one and I did the revisions (which weren't much). I think she's planning on reading the next chapter today, so I'll be able to tackle those changes this evening.

I'm also halfway through editing chapter 15. I decided to revamp the first scene and now I love it. I just need to flesh out a new scene, but I don't think it'll take me that long.

What have you guys been up to? Are any of you participating in NaNo?

Friday, November 7


After weeks and weeks of banging my head against the wall, I finally finished the Chapter from Hell.

Not only that, but I sent it off to my CP, Jena Lang, along with the next chapter. And guess what? She liked both of them! I only needed to add a few minor things to Chapter 12, but now both of those are DONE!

Since then, I've been working on editing and cutting down Chapter 13. It's going well, I think, but a bit too slowly for my tastes. Although my nausea isn't as bad as it used to be, I've had a few rough days this week. I am pushing through, however! I want need to finish this book! Hopefully I will finish this chapter today, then I can send Jen both 13 and 14 for the weekend =) While she's critiquing those, I can work on fleshing out the second half of Chapter 15!

I do this a lot, especially if I like a sentence I just wrote...
This story has taken me forever to write, but hopefully that will mean good things in the future. Until then, this little turtle is taking off!

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