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This page is dedicated to my current stories. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email me: nataliemurphy[at]live[dot]ca

A Highlander's Ransom
Medieval Romance: In Progress
Projected Length: 100,000 words

The best swordsman in the Highlands, Lachlan Cameron is unrivalled in the art of war. Nicknamed the Blue Devil for his ice blue eyes and fearsome tactics, he has never met an opponent—or woman—he could not conquer. That is, until he kidnaps the daughter of his enemy. Meara Mackintosh is unlike any lass he’s ever met. Instead of cowering before him, she challenges him at every turn. He’d find it amusing if he didn’t find it so arousing. Worse yet, the more time he spends with this fascinating, mysterious woman, the more he’s ensnared by her.

Meara has been raised on horror stories of her captor. By the age of three and ten, he’d already killed a dozen men—including her uncle. He’s savage and untamed, like a Viking of old. And yet, she can’t help being intrigued by the powerful, rugged warrior. His wicked grins and gentle caresses spark something dangerous inside of her. No matter how much she tries to resist, she’s helpless to the passion that ignites between them. Trapped between her duty and her growing attraction, Meara must decide if she's willing to sacrifice her loyalties for his love.

YA Paranormal Romance: In Progress
Projected Length: 80, 000 words

Not your ordinary paranormal!

Evie Ashford doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Vampires, witches, and werewolves? Puh-lease. Brooding sparkly dudes were so not her thing. But when she unwittingly stumbles across an ancient battle between good and evil, she’s sucked into a mysterious world filled with magic, demons, and a fate she never could have imagined...

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